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The REC Awards: May 3 - 9, 2015

First things first: to all of the mother's on Cageside Seats and wherever else, happy Mother's Day. We appreciate all that you do in dealing with some of us

Now onto this week's REC Awards



Why I'm Not Worried About Neville - kmtierney

Why Michelle Beadle May Be Right About Floyd Mayweather, but is Wrong About WWE... - Angry Foodie

Why I Love Wrestling: Passing The Torch - amadeuscho

Fixing the WWE Divas Division: Month One - Thrift Store Megatron

Through the looking glass: ESPN's WWE NXT documentary examines the perspective & reality of life in professional wrestling - juricbrown

Wyatt, Dallas, and giving the 'Directionless' much-needed direction - mfedjr

Six Out of Seven Isn't Bad? - ladyroschana


Comments (link to album)

First, Flashking asks an answers a question. Jerosh, The Boss Ain't Ratchet, and others respond

shaqustewart93 grades Raw. Others respond

KDidz brings up the use of "millenials" in a recent interview with Bill Demott. People rain hell on that term

People go InZayn in a Rumor Roundup

Danger Zone, Brigade17, and others react to a rumor about El Torito possibly siding with the Lucha Dragons

MayorOfSuplexCity presents a pic representing the Bill Simmons situation. Johann Von Perfect responds perfectly

ThingsandStuff shares a story about her mother


mfedjr reacts to a spoiler. M. GOMEZ responds:

Jumpin Jehosophat asks a question:

Yourroleandyou makes a good point in the Michelle Beadle thing. Dannie Ray responds:

GrecoRomanGuy puts a few thoughts down:

SelasDray makes a good point:

ChrisVannini makes a statement. South of Heaven and Space Modulator respond:

SethRollinsChairShot posts a very relevant comment. D.E.O. responds:

Grentis has a demand. The Boss Ain't Ratchet fulfills it:

nymgb44 makes an excellent point about Payback:

Midnight Deeds grades Raw:

Brigade17 reacts to Raw as well. kmtierney responds with a good omen:

MikeThePatsFan, Yourroleandyou, drock1331, SteelSooner, Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman, and KiniskiFan react to Raw:

C-Note86 and Midnight Deeds react to a rumor about Damien Sandow:

Zentrification has an idea. MayorOfSuplexCity and Midnight Deeds respond:

Sandow's Superior reacts to a rumor. Fruits responds with a good point:

suiko speculates. The Notorious Eddie Mac estimates. Jerosh responds:

Sandow's Superior also reacts to a rumor:

MayorOfSuplexCity presents a vision chart for Vince McMahon:

Christopher Novak reacts to a Stephanie McMahon/Ronda Rousey match. Sandow's Superior and Zentrification respond:

Midnight Deeds presents a party:

Midnight Deeds presents a Wikipedia edit. Sandow's Superior responds:

Cain A. Knight makes a point:

Larrymentalboy makes a point about a fantasy feud. DomCatz, backstage, and El Specifico respond:

thisisjustaride gives WWE some ideas. Cain A. Knight and Larrymentalboy respond:

MonarchMKU responds to a rumor. SethRollinsChairShot, Magnus Magnolius, and Garvin Thwomp appropriately respond:

AmFuckingDeanbrose channels Vince Russo:

dustbusta reacts appropriately to Russo:

SethRollinsChairShot responds to Russo. BluePants responds:

suiko does rec-ception. Alex Dunn 20396 responds:

kdotj24 reacts to a Twitter exchange between Zack Ryder and Finn Balor. Nathanvpap99 responds:

Brigade17 posts an update. TotalScrub responds:

LadyBlack puns:

The Notorious Eddie Mac, Action Bastard, and nsuviolin join in:

mfedjr reacts to the announced Tough Enough panel. drock1331 responds with an idea:

Brigade17 freaks out. who me, Zombie Shakespeare, and Sudden ChairShot respond:

And finally, Freeze55, Brigade17, KiniskiFan, and Jerosh react to Kevin Owens heeling it up on Twitter:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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