Lucha Underground, Episode 26 (May 6, 2015): Rundown & Review

El Rey

Note: Due to unexpected occurrences, I was unable to provide the same level of thoroughness this week. I did the best I could with the tools I have available. Hopefully, next week will be back on track.

A titillating episode 26 of Lucha Underground is in the books. In case you're still trying to find it, the show airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey and Saturdays at 4pm ET/PT in Spanish on UniMas. Catch up on last week's episode and watch the dramatic title vs career match between Prince Puma and Drago. Also, check out the preview with exclusive video of Black Lotus continuing her training.

In case you missed it, take a look at Kyle_Da'Costa's quality analysis of WWE dropping the ball with Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo.

Now, on to the show...

Dario Cueto, Johnny Mundo, & Alberto El Patron office segment

Cueto is planning matches by use of taping tiny pieces of paper with names to a crumpled larger sheet. Both Mundo and Patron want a title shot and both agree that they deserve it more than Fernandez (said by Mundo). Cueto is in agreement as well. He decides to make Mundo vs Patron tonight with the winner facing Hernandez for number one contender next week.

Son of Havoc & Angelico vs Cortez Castro & Mr. Cisco

Ivelisse is seated ringside with a foot cast. She made faces to express her displeasure when the crowd chanted Havoc's name. Havoc and Angelico performed tags by slapping each other's backs. Ivelisse continually squawked about their performance.

Team Havoc controlled the early portion with Angelico's knee strikes getting the crowd pumped. The highlight sequence was Havoc doing a springboard aerial maneuver to the outside, while Angelico followed with a flip over the ropes on the opposite end.

The end began when Havoc got the hot tag as Angelico humorously fell out of the ring through the ropes. Havoc's momentum was stifled by a poke to the eye. The Crew immediately pounced with the Psycho Realm for the victory.

Dario Cueto & the fan office segment

Cueto begins talking to the fan who attacked Texano. The fan is dressed in a tight gold warmup suit. He comes from a rich family with real estate money. The fan gives Cueto the finger of silence while messaging on his phone. This makes Cueto give a bug-eyed death stare as intense music plays. Cueto makes the match with Texano.

Konnan, Prince Puma, Hernandez, & Dario Cueto locker room segment

Konnan confronts Hernandez about last week's interference while also holding Puma back from initiating fisticuffs. When Hernandez wins the title, he wants it to be from Puma.

Cueto enters the scene joyed from the tension. He informs Hernandez of the new number one contender match and of a tag match with Puma against King Cuerno and Cage tonight.

Delavar Daivari vs Texano

The fan finally got his name officially announced. The Golden Warrior was dressed in gold tights and sipping on a beverage. Melissa Santos began to announce his opponent, then muttered, "Oh shit," as Texano stormed the ring.

Texano brought the heat, pummeled Daivari, shoved the ref, got disqualified. The two rolled around the ring exchanging punches. Daivari used the microphone to conk Texano on the head. Daivari exited the ring then spit a loogie at Texano.

Prince Puma & Hernandez vs King Cuerno & Cage

Konnan was ringside trying to coach and keep peace for his team. The match had plenty of high spots in back and forth action. Cage stole the show a bit by hitting a 619 on Puma then doing squats while holding Puma up for a vertical suplex.

Puma was setting up to do an aerial maneuver to the outside, when Hernandez strutted in front to block Puma's ascent. Hernandez also stopped Puma from a running attack to the corner, so he could do one first. Then they got on the same page with some teamwork attacks.

The ending sequence saw all four men going at it. Cuerno plotted an Arrow from Hell for Hernandez, but Hernandez pulled Puma in front to take the brunt. Hernandez helped Puma up, Puma pushed Hernandez, Hernandez booted Puma in the face, and Hernandez powerbombed Puma onto the apron ledge. Konnan chased Hernandez off with his cane. Meanwhile, Cage hit Weapon X on Puma's limp body for the victory.

Black Lotus & El Dragon Azteca secret hideout segment

Black Lotus wants to leave. El Dragon Azteca doesn't want her to die, like her parents did at the hands of Matanza. El Dragon Azteca will let her leave if she can take him down. A kung fu slap fight ensues. El Dragon Azteca easily parries all attacks with one hand. Black Lotus stays.

Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron

The crowd was super pumped for both competitors. Oops. I got so caught up in the first half of the match that I forgot to take notes. It was evenly matched, hot action. One cool part was Mundo attempting an aerial maneuver on the apron, but Patron pulled the ring skirt out so Mundo fell in that pocket. Patron then nailed Mundo with an enziguri.

One hot sequence had Mundo connect on a knee to the head, and it looked like he really connected hard. End of the World. 1 count, 2 count, Patron grabbed the ropes. Vampiro blurted, "You motherfu...." He trailed off before his excitement made him say the whole word.

The finish saw both men furiously countering each other ending with Patron nailing a kick to Mundo's head. 1, 2, 3. Patron with the victory. Both men were completely spent. Absolutely fantastic.

Catrina & Mil Muertes closing segment

The camera focuses on a lit candle then a spinning zoom out of a casket. Catrina voice-over. "For you, death is the beginning of a new life. The time for sleep is over." Catrina opened the casket with stone in hand. Lick of death. The candles blew out as Mil Muertes came back to life.


Whoa, man. Mundo vs Patron was pure dynamite. Their match had it all. Drama, intensity, unpredictability, and a high entertainment factor. It is must-see for any fan of those two wrestlers. The crowd had 7 to 10 chants of, "This is awesome." It might be my favorite match so far in Lucha Underground's young life. Actually, this episode is a strong option as my favorite from Lucha Underground. Not necessarily the best episode, but probably my favorite.

Cueto brought his game to another level with those dagger eyes for Daivari. That's a side of him we haven't previously seen. Speaking of Daivari, his issues with Texano is setting up to be a splendidly vicious blood feud. Melissa Santos' introduction for that match was one of those little things that adds more than its weight to a story.

The Hernandez hate seems to be strong in this crowd, but I thought he did really well in his role and purpose this week. I was kind of on his side before due to Puma's immaturity, but not anymore. Hernandez heeled like a pro. All those little things added fuel to the fire. And even better, he was entertaining.

Eek!!! Mil Muertes is coming back. I'm so excited. I don't trust Catrina, so I'll be keeping a close eye on her. I wouldn't want to be in Fenix's shoes. Sure, he won Grave Consequences, but he took one heck of a beating in the process.

Last week, 76% of 168 votes had Prince Puma vs Drago as their favorite match of the episode. King Cuerno vs Cage vs Hernandez received 11%, and Fenix vs Killshot tallied 10%. I didn't think Famous B vs Ricky Mandel vs Vinny Massaro vs Argenis would get any votes, but surprise surprise. 4% went to them.

Thoughts and theories about the episode? Who else is ecstatic for the return of Mil Muertes (and Catrina too)? Where does Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron rank in your Lucha Underground favorites? Watch the fantastic bout for the first time or again and again.

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