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Week in Review: Reevaluations

Time to review the most recent reevaluations: Triple H, Sami Zayn, and Alicia Fox

Let's check out the past week of reevaluations:

5/4/15 - Triple H (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.7

Best comments by: Vidence and phlash74

5/5/15 - Sami Zayn (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 4.6

Best comments by: The Notorious Eddie Mac and Zombie Shakespeare

5/6/15 - Alicia Fox (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.2

Best comments by: Rohml and Arai


Most Rec comment: Plan R - 25 Recs

Love: One of the best Sellers of all time.
Great Moveset. Blue Thunder Bomb, DDT through the ropes, Half and Half, Yakuza Kick, and the BRAIN BUSTAHHHHHHHHHH! (which he cant use anymore)
This guy is more likeable than D-Bry
He reminds me of El Generico so much its scary
Owens and Zayn are 2 of the most perfectly matched opponents of all time
His feud with Neville up to REvolution was one of the best booked feuds in the last 10 years in the WWE.

Loathe: Giant Birds

Most Rec (with .gif or picture) comment: Zombie Shakespeare (Little Sami!) - 25 Recs


Thanks, Cagesiders, see ya next week.

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