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Suspend your disbelief and dig into some kung fu, pulp fiction superheroics tonight on Lucha Underground (April 8, 2015)

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Lucha Underground on Instagram

Manolo called attention to it in his review of last week's show, but I want to showcase it one more time - because the video El Rey released on their YouTube channel as Diary of Mad Black Lotus does about as good a job as anything of condensing the bat$#!+ insanity that I love about Lucha Underground into one video:

Tune in to LU tonight, and you are guaranteed to see some amazing acrobatics when a man in a dragon mask who hails from the center of the Earth and a Mexican spaceman who are currently tied in a best-of-five series team with a wrestler representing the spirit of rebirth who recently buried a man whose name meant "one thousand deaths" to face off against a bickering biker couple and the South African playboy who helped split them up in a tournament to crown the best three-person team on the show.

But you might find out something about a masked martial artist who is taking out luchadors as tribute to an unseen master, a Los Angeles gang lord with a grudge against the proprietor of the building where the show takes place (aka The Temple), or woman being trained by a wrestler to get revenge on a monster currently locked in the basement of The Temple.

We often talk about needing to suspend our disbelief as wrestling fans, because otherwise, we'd have to admit to the action being scripted, or acknowledge that even the heroes would be in jail for assault.

But rarely has a show made as much use of that suspension as Lucha Underground does. And by embracing the wide, weird world of pro wrestling in all its forms - from the indigenous Mexican roots of Lucha Libre to twenty minute main events that would fit on any U.S indy card - and all of the pop culture genres that influence wrestlers and fans without apologizing for it, they make it so much easier to go along for the ride. No matter how over-the-top it might seem.

Have an exclusive taste of the match from tonight's trios tournament bout, which could be described more plainly that I did above as Drago, Aero Star & Fenix vs. Son of Havoc, Ivellise and Angélico:

Tonight would be a good night to check out El Rey's version of pro wrestling, since the other Wednesday night at 8PM show doesn't seem to be appointment viewing (or Saturday at 4PM on UniMás, or whenever on Sling TV, if you want to catch NXT "live", don't get El Rey or have something else to do).

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