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Report: Scott Steiner being investigated for 'felony terrorist threats' over Hulk Hogan WWE Hall of Fame incident

TMZ has jumped on the story that Scott Steiner was barred from WrestleMania activities in Northern California a couple of weekends back following a run-in with Hulk Hogan's wife at the San Jose airport. And the details the gossip site have dug up fit right in with their reputation for over-the-top celebrity drama.

The new details include that Steiner "grabbed" Jennifer Bolea at the baggage claim and told her that he planned to "kill Terry" as soon as Hulk (whose real name is Terry Bolea) landed. This report again indicated that Mrs. Hogan did not recognize Big Poppa Pump and called her husband immediately. She and Hogan filed a police reports as soon as he got into town.

Police have reviewed airport surveillance footage that TMZ says confirms Jennifer's claims that Steiner confronted her. Officials are said to be investigating him for "felony terrorist threats", but otherwise have taken no action against him.

The site reached out to the former WCW champ for comment and Steiner told them, "Typical Hogan. He's just a punk."

Anyone who's seen a Scott Steiner promo can probably hear his quotes from this story in their head. But while it's plausible, an airport isn't a wrestling ring, and making threats against someone who's involved in a lawsuit against you is decidedly outside of kayfabe.

We'll keep you posted on a story that gets stranger the more we learn about it.

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