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John Cena & WWE reportedly helped Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose get back together

Wiz Khalifa on Twitter

Not really sure what to do with this one, gang, but it's just too good to pass up. So I'll just leave this here and let you Cagesiders have it.

A blog called Hollywood Life by Bonnie Fuller is saying they have "EXCLUSIVELY learned" that advice from none other than WWE United States Champion John Cena is responsible for hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa and his ex, internet model Amber Rose, reconciling their marriage.

Cena and Wiz apparently became really good friends while recording tracks for the WWE 2K15 soundtrack, despite the fact that it doesn't seem like they even shared studio time based on the videos released of Cena recording his parts of their collaborations. When Khalifa appeared on Raw before WrestleMania, Cena gave him a romance pep talk (must have been during this obviously deep conversation) where he used the content of the rapper's song "Go Hard or Go Home" to convince him to reach out to the mother of his son, Sebastian.

Here's Hollywood Life's EXCLUSIVE account:

'Wiz is a real good friend of John's. He talked to him and a few other guys on a serious level about ["Go Hard Or Go Home"] and how it made him think about his family and Amber,' an insider told EXCLUSIVELY.

Apparently, the more that Wiz talked to John and the other wrestlers about this song, the more he realized how he needed to change his ways and how he thought about his ex. After he was done talking with John, Wiz contacted Amber and asked her to watch his Raw performance, the insider tells

'He wanted her to see his performance and listen to it so they could be on a level where no hard feelings were being shared. The gesture of having her listen to the song was the only thing he has done to get them to talk more and actually start the reconciliation process,' the source said, adding, 'It was his conversation with John and the others that was the start of everything.'

I just hope an in-character Damien Wizdow was one of the folks who helped Cena work his magic.

Your turn, Cagesiders. Give us your thoughts on this story (EXCLUSIVE or not), or just share your stories of how wrestling saved your marriage.

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