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Issues that lead to Scott Steiner being banned from WWE Hall of Fame may have roots in Hulk Hogan's time with TNA

One of the stranger stories of a strange week in pro wrestling was news that Scott Steiner had been barred from WrestleMania activities last week following a confrontation between the former WCW champ and Hulk Hogan's wife Jennifer at a San Jose airport.

Some new details have come out, courtesy of After flying in together, Big Poppa Pump allegedly approached Jennifer at the baggage claim carousel to tell her that the next time he saw her husband there would be problems. While she didn't know who Steiner was, she was "very shaken up" and informed Hogan. It's said that Hulk in turn told WWE officials to ban him from the Hall of Fame ceremony last Saturday night in San Jose.

While the Hulkster reportedly told company officials and others last weekend that he didn't know of any problems between Steiner and himself, our own Keith Harris' reported on a Twitter shoot the former collegiate wrestler fired off as he was leaving TNA back in 2012. Though Big Poppa Pump's opinions about Hogan and Eric Bischoff's management of TNA have largely proven to be prophetic, the company sued for breach of contract due to disparaging comments made by Steiner about Hogan, his daughter Brooke, Bischoff and other TNA personnel.

Steiner denies that his contract ever included an agreement to not speak out against the company or its employees, that he ignored requests to stop and that the company was negatively impacted by his statements.

The 2012 lawsuit is due for trial in June of this year. While there's no concrete connection between the court date and the incident last weekend, the timing means most will consider it a factor.

More on this as we have it, Cagesiders.

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