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Exit the Drago? We'll find out on Lucha Underground tonight (April 29, 2015)

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When there's a wrestling fan in need, #LuchaUnderground will be there.
When there's a wrestling fan in need, #LuchaUnderground will be there.
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While it hasn't left the scene, Lucha Underground's top prize has taken second stage a bit during the just concluded Trios tournament and the blow-off of feuds and series between the likes of Fenix, Mil Muertes, Drago and AeroStar.

In addition to weaving multiple programs into and from the tournament won (twice!) by Angelico, Son of Havoc & Ivellise last week, Dario Cueto ensured that the best of five series between Drago and AeroStar would dovetail right back into his World title when he gave the luchador from the netherworld a shot at Prince Puma's belt for his victory...with a price. If he fails to claim the belt, Drago is exiled from The Temple!

It's champion vs. career!

Our exclusive advance clip this week also features the devious Dario (who is still my homeboy, even if he's a dick). The owner gives Puma a "pep talk" to help him over any babyface issues he may be having about facing Drago, and then he calms Hernandez down about his Triple Threat with Cage and King Cuerno - in a way designed to further drive a wedge between Konnan's guys...

Check in tonight with a show that is continuing to gain fans as folks realize that it's probably the best pro wrestling product on the market today.  The biggest challenge is finding the show - use these links to do so, at it's regular time at 8PM Eastern tonight on El Rey, or Saturday at 4PM on UniMás, or whenever on Sling TV.

Who will emerge tonight as champ and #1 contender? Let us know what you think below, Lucha-maniacs!

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