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Marvel Team-Up! CM Punk writing comic book starring Batista's MCU alter ego

Noelle Foley on Twitter

WWE officials and fans may wish that these men's names were linked in a pro wrestling context, but at least for now, their loss is comic book fans and Marvel's gain.

That's because CM Punk revealed during a question and answer session at this past weekend's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) convention that he'll be taking his third comics writing gig, and second for Marvel Comics, with a Drax the Destroyer ongoing series.

Drax, as anyone who helped last Summer's Guardians of the Galaxy film gross three-quarters of a billion dollars worldwide will remember, was played by Dave Bautista. It was the unexpected success of the film and the positive reviews for his portrayal of Drax, the helped launch Bautista's Hollywood career to such heights that a return to WWE to play Batista doesn't seem likely any time soon.

Punk will co-write the series, a fairly common move for when celebrity newcomers make the jump to comics. While there are few details on the new book - like who his co-writer will be, how they'll divide up plotting and scripting or even who will be illustrating - it will tie in to the Chicagoan's current full-time profession as a mixed martial artist. Comic Book Resources reports that one of the few details on the book is that it will follow its protagonist from "the intergalactic octagon to the far reaches of outer space."

While the Drax character's popularity has exploded since the 2014 movie and the increase in GotG-focused comics before and after its release, this will be the first time the character has starred in an ongoing title.

Playing Drax in the sequel to Guardians looks like it will be keeping Bautista away from next year's WrestleMania. While another job away from wrestling will keep Punk busy, it doesn't take much to keep him away. Voices of Wrestling Twitter provided quotes from his C2E2 session, and reported that he said "I'm retired... I don't want to wrestle anymore. I wrestled my last match."

So, it's probably time to stop chanting his name. Buy his comics, or the UFC event when he finally shows up in the octagon. But he, and Dave, have moved on - so it's time for us to the same, True Believers.

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