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The REC Awards: April 19 - 25, 2015

It's Sunday, and it's a PPV Sunday at that. Before we enjoy (or attempt to enjoy) Extreme Rules, let us enjoy some good ol' fashioned REC Awards.

Let's do this?!?



The Hounds of Justice are still at work - Zentrification

Seth Rollins Should Use the Pedigree - BusinessCasual

Wrestle-gations: First Names - J.K. McMillen

Sweet Nuts Music: How WWE can protect wrestlers from head injuries - Appledough Chronicles

I Don't 'Get' It, WWE - mfedjr

My high, dashed, and renewed hopes for Big E - Kevin McCauley

Rethinking the Finisher - kmtierney


Comments (link to album)

First, suiko takes a stab. People applaud said stab

ReverendKain gives his thoughts on the Hardys:

suiko has a hope. JKennedy14 has a message for WWE:

Chocolate Midget uses selective hearing to give us false hope:

Dave Walsh give thoughts on Eva Marie training with The Brian Kendrick. kmtierney and CalTrause respond:

South of Heaven, LadyBlack, Zak23, and Zentrification react to Triple H saying that people don't "get" WWE:

TMadeBurner makes an excellent point:

Drew Nicholas posts THE comment:

A bringer of bad news show us the REAL best Joker:

TheRojas and D.E.O. respond to a person in the Lana thread (this is also the only screenshot from that place):

Arai wins:

Bad-Horse points out a high point of this week's NXT:

TotalScrub points out a highlight from Raw:

saintdane05 also reacts to the high points of Raw:

Ambrose 3:16 2.0 posts an amazing image from Botched Spot:

dustbusta, FrozenLion, FirstLadyofSuplexCity, and shaqustewart93 react to a lovely image of Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens:

The Notorious Eddie Mac posts the caption to end all captions:

Flashking reacts to a rumor. Lordban and Sandow's Superior respond:

So do Vendri and Rivan King:

Jenzel rants:

Sudden ChairShot makes an excellent comparison:

Marc Quill questions. Ambrose 3:16 2.0 answers:

Masta_Bruce561 and Zentrification have an exchange regarding a proposed title for a TNA show:

Kagami asks an excellent question:

GrecoRomanGuy, Jenzel, and Zentrification discuss JBL's issues with recent catering:

Casey Garner reacts to a Rumor Roundup header pic. Midnight Deeds, Kagami, MayorOfSuplexCity, and Zentrification respond:

Zentrification has a question:

Flashking imagines a dialogue:

Chocolate Midget reacts to a rumor. Flashking, Zentrification, SteelSooner, and ElectricMango respond:

Boxingnut4324, Flashking, Sandow's Superior, and Lordban discuss the John Cena Open Challenge:

Midnight Deeds, The Boss Ain't Ratchet, and Chocolate Midget react to the new "Suplex City" shirt:

And finally, Appledough Chronicles, 420_Glaze_It, Chocolate Midget, MayorOfSuplexCity, and EpitaphFox sing:


And that's it for the REC Awards. Enjoy Extreme Rules, and I'll see you next week for more RECs.

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