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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 match card preview: Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett
UPDATE: WWE has made its final decision on this match.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan (c)

The IC title scene has been a mixed bag over the last few months. On the one hand, we've had tons of talented wrestlers from all positions up and down the card fighting for the strap while WWE makes frequent references to its prestigious history. On the other, it's been treated like a flag to be captured instead of a title to be won, and the leacy of the legitimate champion losing non-title matches and suffering post-match beatdowns still lingers.

Now, as a new (or continuation of the same) medical condition leaves Daniel Bryan's status as champion up in the air, it looks likely that the Intercontinental title bout at the pay-per-view (PPV) after WrestleMania might just feature the challenger, and previous champion, delivering Bad News instead of an actual match.

So while we wait for the results of The Beard's "diagnostic testing", here's some things we might get instead of a wrestling contest between Bryan and Barrett in Chicago:

- The return of the decorum-demanding elevator podium!

- The Man that Gravity Forgot!

- AxelMania!*

* Curtis Axel will have been in the Royal Rumble for more than a decade by the time we hear the opening bell at AxTreme Rules.

- The return of Rufus Pancake Patterson!

- Bray Wyatt saying stuff!

- Who knows? Maybe even Daniel Bryan!

But probably...

As soon as we have a definitive answer, we'll share it with you, Cagesiders. So, whatever happens, find out right here on cSs!

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