Lucha Underground, Episode 24 (Apr. 22, 2015): Rundown & Review

A terrific episode 24 of Lucha Underground is in the books. In case you're still trying to find it, the show airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey and Saturdays at 4pm ET/PT in Spanish on UniMas. Catch up on last week's episode and watch the final confrontation between Aerostar and Drago in their best-of-5 series. Also, check out the preview revealing Sean's fantasy tag match and exclusive video of Alberto El Patron running his gums as Johnny Mundo tries to work out.

Now, on to the show...

Black Lotus training segment

Black Lotus is penning a journal entry in candle light. She's been training for 8 weeks. "I don't know when he'll let me fight, but I know I'm ready. He tells me my anger is my greatest weakness. He's wrong. It's my greatest strength." The door opens as El Dragon Azteca mumbles, "Come with me."

El Dragon Azteca turns off the lights via circuit breaker. Time for some fight training. I'm uncertain if there is low light or it is complete darkness with the light being so viewers can see the action. Either way, it is a cool visual of black silhouettes against blue light. Black Lotus kicks butt of four opponents. She stomps on the last guy's cojones, which is extremely rude if they are only training partners.

El Dragon Azteca flips the switch. The sudden light causes difficulty in vision for Black Lotus as she is sucking wind from the physical exertion. "Your opponent won't wait for you to catch your breath." Boom, fight on.

Black Lotus gets the upper hand with an arm lock. "I hate you." El Dragon Azteca shakes his head disapprovingly then immediately reverses Black Lotus into the same arm lock. "Ahhh, you're not ready." El Dragon Azteca shakes his head one more time then leaves.

Sergio Arau plays us into the temple. The Trios championship titles are beautifully displayed on the announce table. That fan from last week is present once again.

Sexy Star vs Pentagon Jr.

Melissa Santos proudly introduced Sexy Star. Santos had a wrap on her ankle from last week's attack. She didn't introduce Pentagon with her normal gusto.

Vampiro provided interesting insight about when you go over the edge. "Listen man, I'm still paying for that part of my life, You know what I mean? I got to go to therapy. I've got demons. I can't sleep at night. I mean I did bad things to good people and I had to go to dark places. It's not a good thing."

Sexy takes the early momentum with brawling technique until Pentagon connected on a powerful turnaround kick to the gut. Pentagon doubled his pleasure with another vicious kick to the gut when Sexy incorrectly anticipated Pentagon running the ropes. Pentagon took control with physicality as Sexy had trouble getting her full breath.

Highlights include Sexy stairmastering Pentagon, Pentagon catching an airborne Sexy in a vertical suplex variation and smashing her down to the mat, Sexy swiftly rolling out of Pentagon's first armbar attempt, and a tornado DDT by Sexy then dizzily covering Pentagon.

The ending sequence began with a suicide cannonball by Sexy through the ropes to the outside. Both competitors got back in the ring at the count of 9. Pentagon connected on a sitout powerbomb into a lung blower. Two count. After another sitout powerbomb into a lung blower, Penatgon went for the armbar but Sexy scrambled away. A brief bout of fisticuffs before Sexy ran the ropes, whirled around Pentagon's body, then hit a huge lungblower of her one. Sexy Star wins! Melissa Santos wasted no time in announcing the victor.

Johnny Mundo & Alberto El Patron gym segment

Mundo is doing some crazy exercises. Enter El Patron busting chops. "Getting ready for your trios title match tonight? Oh wait, that's right. You're not competing tonight, because you lost your match last week." Snicker, snicker.

Patron states that Mundo's performance and victory over Prince Puma in the debut was one of the reasons Patron came to the temple. Then Patron rubbed in Mundo's loss to Puma in Aztec Warfare. "And that, Johnny, seems to be the story of your life. Always so close to the brass ring, but it always remains out of your grasp." More laughter from El Patron.

"Be careful. I'm not just some guy you can slap around." Mundo's words make Alberto take a serious tone. He tells Johnny to chill out as he leaves the gym.

Trios tournament final: King Cuerno, Texano, Cage vs Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico vs Big Ryck, The Mack, Killshot

Cage flexed his muscles to reveal he shaves his armpits clean. I've never paid attention to that before, but now I feel compelled to make a list for both sides. I'll be disappointed if Rusev shaves his pits too.

This will be a triple-threat elimination match. Three men in the ring. If one guy gets pinned, his whole team is eliminated. Tags are only for teammates, unlike one-on-one fourway tag matches.

The match was all over the place with constant action. Pretty much every single maneuver was entertaining, so I'm only going to mention the super duper highlights and notable moments. Cage, Angelico, and Killshot started things off.

Highlights include Cage with a double vertical suplex to Killshot and Angelico, Cuerno elevating Angelico for a Codebreaker by Texano, Mack with a swinging slam on Texano, and Mack flying over the ropes onto Texano.

Ivelisse hit an aerial maneuver from the apron onto Cuerno. Ivelisse injured her leg and would be gimpy for the rest of the night.

Back in the ring, Cage and Big Ryck were sizing each other up for a hoss showdown. Slugging blows by each, then Cage picked up Ryck for a big slam. Cage climbed the corner and decided to do a moonsault to the bodies on the outside. Oh my goodness!

Texano and Angelico duked it out with Angelico kneeing Texano into the crowd. Texano crashed into that fan, which sent his drink flying. The fan took off his jacket in disgust and attacked Texano from behind. He paintbrushed Texano with wide strokes. The fan told the crowd to move and threw Texano into the chairs. The fan ripped his shirt open then left.

Texano rolled back into the ring. Killshot took advantage of Texano's wooziness by delivering a top turnbuckle double stomp to the chest. 1, 2, 3.

Team Cuerno has been eliminated. Cuerno and Cage were pissed and did the, "forget this guy," hand motion toward Texano as they exited.

Down to two teams. Team Ryck took turns decimating Angelico. Mack connected with a flying elbow drop before Angelico got a second (third or maybe fourth) wind.

Son of Havoc and Killshot now in the ring. Havoc took control with fisticuffs until Killshot executed a flipping slam maneuver. Two count.

The end came when Ivelisse jumped off the top turnbuckle to the outside, but Ryck and Mack caught her. Havoc delivered a brutal reverse hurricanrana to Killshot in the ring then went diving into Ivelisse's holders. Angelico slipped into the ring and executed the Fall of the Angels on Killshot. 1, 2, 3.

Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico are the inaugural trios champions... Not so fast, my friend.

Dario Cueto post-match promo

Cueto exits his office with a look of disbelief then confusion. "Muchachos, congratulations. I never thought I would see this happen. The most dysfunctional trios team in the world actually pulled it off and won the trios titles."

Cueto is now smiling. "Well, actually you haven't. (Finger wag.) Not yet, because there is one more team in the tournament and personally selected by me. And to spice it up a little bit, this match will be no disqualification!"

"So, boys, come on out." The Crew enters the temple. Kendo stick in Cortez's hand.

Trios tournament final part 2 (No DQ): Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico vs Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco, Bael

This match was also wild and all over the place. The fresh Crew brutally pummeled their tired opponents around ringside. Ivelisse was set up to receive some Kendo licks, but Havoc made the save. Back to more Crew pummeling.

Bael took Angelico up the stairs. Angelico got back body dropped on top of Cueto's office, while Ivelisse was Kendo choked by Cortez. Cisco attempted to suplex Havoc off the front crowd section, but they kind of collapsed to the ground instead. Havoc Irish whipped Cisco into the wall then did a moonsault off the railing. Bael snuffed out Havoc's momentum. Bael and Cortez were ready to attack the injured Ivelisse in the ring, and then...


Ivelisse doled out Kendo justice to Bael and Cortez. Her boys climbed opposite turnbuckles. Double flying maneuvers! The ref used both hands to count each cover. 1, 2, 3! Team Havoc is now official Trios champs. Let the celebration begin.


First things first. What a maneuver by Angelico! That will definitely be on the short list for best move/spot in year end awards. I hope I didn't wake up the whole apartment building when I erupted in the middle of the night. I think it gave me an adrenaline dump. Immediately after the show, I searched out the GIF to watch over and over. 10 minutes later, I passed out to sleep for the night.

Great episode. Stupendous wrestling action in the Trios three-way. Fantastic tension in the match between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr. All capped off with a tremendous ending to April Awesomeness. Congratulations to the new Trios champions.

These meetups with Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron have been a good slow burn to their eventual showdown. The atmosphere will be electric when they finally go head to head. The only question is if the AAA Mega-Heavyweight World champ will be on the line.

Does anyone know how well Black Lotus can perform in the ring? I love the story and vignettes, but I was less than impressed with her shadow fighting this week. I'm kind of hoping this story stays behind the scenes. A weak match against Matanza might make the story sink.

Last week's poll showed Team Havoc as the fan favorites to win the Trios titles with 56% of 170 votes. Team Ryck had 25%, while Team Cuerno received 19%. Despite the winner, I doubt anyone was displeased with the Trios finals match.

Thoughts and theories about the episode? How long until Black Lotus can control her anger? What will be Pentagon Jr.'s next step to impress his master? Will Texano be out for blood from that fan? Who should be the first challengers for the Trios titles? Who are you rooting for in Prince Puma's next title defense? Check the Match of the Week playlist to see a full match from this week. It is usually updated before the weekend. Until then, enjoy highlights from the episode.

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