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One last time...card announcement for Ring of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling Global Wars night two

Ring of Honor is announcing the last of their four 2015 shows with New Japan Pro Wrestling today, the same way they announced the two War of the Worlds shows in Philadelphia on May 12 - 13 and the first Global Wars night in Toronto on May 15th that will be streamed on internet pay-per-view (iPPV).

Night two is similarly listed as iPPV/PPV/VOD on the ROH website, but there is not an "Order Now" page set-up yet as there is for Night one. Larry Mercer himself informed me that the companies are still finalizing the distribution plans for these shows, so as soon as we hear something official about how to watch either night of WotW or GW night two, we'll share it with you.

Starting slow today, as I honestly don't think I've seen Will Ferrera wrestle. But good for him getting a showcase, and good for us because it saves bigger names for higher up on the card:

Match two:

Fans of the unique Dalton Castle will be stoked for this one:

Looking to see Matt Taven & Michael Bennett get roughed up? How's about the IWGP Tag title feud coming to GW?

Going be high-fly flow all over this bad boy!

This will no doubt be a good-to-great match, but I can't help but be bummed we're not getting Jay Lethal vs. Nakamura one-on-one at some point (please get Okada!)...

Or, you know, leave him off the card entirely (not that this isn't a cool main event, but, I need my greatest first generation wrestler fix, dangit)...

There you have it Cagesiders. Four cards put on by two of the best pro wrestling promotions in the world. Let us know what you think of them, and remember that the latest episode of ROH TV is free to stream today (Thursday, April 23). If you're around after Smackdown, check out TMB's weekly watch party here.

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