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WWE Smackdown preview (April 23, 2015): Feed him more...jobbers dressed as phallic foods

What you need to know

Real or kayfabe, any anger management they had Randy Orton do must have worked well. He doesn't even remember having anger issues!

That's what he told the WWE World Heavyweight Champ, anyway, claiming that instead he has Seth Rollins issues. And since he can't use his finisher on Sunday at the pay-per-view (PPV), he spent Monday night hitting whoever he could with RKOs - out of nowhere or otherwise. Rollins didn't seem too concerned when he promised to leave Extreme Rules with the belt, but maybe that was because when they had this little chat, Orton and he were on opposite sides of the steel cage they'll both be locked in in Chicago.

Or maybe it was because Seth was also worried about Kane, who interrupted Triple H's big Tough Enough announcement to give his two week notice rather than deal with The Future's constant disrespect. Hunter tells his D-Ops to chill his roll, but the champ was feeling bold from the stage and told The Game to let Kane walk. That lead to a nice ramble from THE DEMON that, among other things, finally reminded the Universe that Dean F'N Ambrose would have won the briefcase that Rollins used to get the belt if it weren't for Kane's intervention. Hunter looks to settle all of this by telling his titleholder to respect a man he once impersonated having sex with a corpse.

In between all the drama with The Authority, some of the guys in the group actually wrestled. Corporate Kane interrupted John Cena again explaining both the rules of a Russian Chain match and his never-give-up-i-ness to answer his U.S. title open challenge. Looking to prove that the old hellfire still burns, he almost tombstoned the Ce-nation leader, but ended up like Rusev probably will this weekend - on the business end of an AA.

Booked into the match he sought to avoid last week in London. the champ and Dolph Ziggler proved that that's a feud WWE would do at some point if they liked wrestling. A barnburner of a match ended with a distraction assist from Sheamus - getting revenge against  a man whose lips he wants on his butt for Zig-Zagging him earlier - and a new finisher from Rollins. Then, when Seth was worried that Trips and J & J Security wouldn't keep him safe from Kane, he ordered the cage lowered once again...only to find himself locked into one last RKO.

Say what you will about the quality of it, but you can't say Creative didn't commit to that story on Raw. In other, non-Kane related business...

Luke Harper got custody of the dirty white tee in his feud with Dean Ambrose, but they couldn't pull of a match under normal rules. Good thing Sunday is contested under Extreme Rules, so they can have a good old fashioned Chicage Street Fight there.

It was a good day for a lot of folks who were working in comedic and/or enhancement roles until just recently....and only some of them got hit with a certain manuever that comes out of nowhere. New Day continued there rise to the top of the tag ranks with a win over Lucha Dragons (Kofi got RKO'd twice), Naomi picked up a win over the Divas champs twin on her way to replacing Paige in the PPV title match (even The Viper doesn't RKO females) and Fandango didn't take an RKO, but his push does seem to be out of nowhere itself.

It wasn't a good day for all comedy workers and jobbers, though - but at least they weren't RKO'd (except for Heath Slater, because that guy was born to lose)! AxelMania was fed to Fandango, Bo Dallas was served up to a Roman Reigns' Superman punch, Adam Rose & two Rosebuds got Shellshocked by Ryback, and Damien MizSandow's flattery of Summer Rae only earned him a rake of the eyes and a loss to The Miz. But at least The Awesome One was chased back to Hollywood by the Apex Predator.

And, if that's not enough for you, Tough Enough is back!

What to look out for

The smallest state in the Union got the last show before Extreme Rules, and they got it on Tuesday night. So if you'd like to find out what happened before it airs tonight, click here.

Big Hungry may feel like a big man after roughing up a banana and a hot dog, getting in on The Big Dog's story time gimmick with some jokes for the kiddies and being allegedly targeted by the new Face of Fear, but let's see how he feels after being used to make the guy who's Cena look strong look strong! Ryback gets his shot at the Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, tonight. Odds are some chain will be involved.

One would hope they'd further address the Intercontinental title bout scheduled for Sunday, and specifically the health status of the reigning champ, Daniel Bryan. But the news/rumor cycle on The Beard's injury hasn't been anything anyone would hope for thus far. Seems logical to expect Bad News Barrett to be featured in some way on the blue brand to keep his name in circulation regardless of the final diagnosis on DB. Maybe with a fellow Brit who was absent from Raw?

Otherwise, look for the usual 'go home' Smackdown assortment of video packages, tag matches made up of guys & gals booked in singles matches on the PPV, and single matches between the tag teams scheduled for the Pre-Show,

(Note: I know some folks have come looking for a more definitive match listing - that will be posted behind spoiler text in the comments. If releases more information on anything that's officially going to take place on tonight's show, that'll be updated here)

WWE sure does have a lot of hot dog jokes these days...are they the PG equivalent of dick jokes?

Grab your favorite cylindrical snack and watch the show with your fellow Cagesiders in our live blog!

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