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Have cero miedo, Pentagon Jr. will be on Lucha Underground tonight (April 22, 2015)

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Stop worrying about if Lucha Underground will be renewed for a second season for a minute, and enjoy one of the most uniquely entertaining pro wrestling shows you're likely to experience, for however long it lasts.

There's nothing to indicate that tonight (April 22, 2015)'s episode won't live up to that praise, as the Trios tournament angle comes to a finish with a three-way to crown the first champs. The Super-Villain team-up of Cage, King Cuerno & Texano advanced to the final with a win over Johnny Mundo, Prince Puma & Hernandez. Romantic Comedy/Team Hell No mash-up Ivelisse, Angélico & Son of Havoc defeated AeroStar, Fenix & Drago. And Big Ryck's new crew of The Mack & Kill Shot took down Sexy Star, Super Fly & Pentagon, Jr.

One of those three teams will wear Darios Cueto's newest belts for the first time.

A great thing that LU has done with this tourney is used each of the winning and losing teams to advance a story. One of those angles comes to a head tonight when Sexy Star faces off against Pentagon, Jr. Both performers have made the most of their chance in The Temple, with Sexy playing one of the best true babyfaces this side of Sami Zayn, and Pentagon being such a convincing remorseless badass that you have to wonder if he and Kevin Owens exchange pointers for getting fans that want to cheer your to jeer regardless.

(Dangit, now I have that fantasy booked tag match stuck in my head)

The real shame of tonight's bout between the masked luchadores is that the high-flying female looks like she might be another stepping stone on the way to Vampiro finally getting off his ass and standing up to the martial arts armbreaker.

Get to know Pentagon, Jr. And have cero meido...I don't think he can snap your arm via YouTube.

AAA Mega-Heavyweight World champ Alberto El Patrón has won the few matches he's had in The Temple, but he can't stop messing with Johnny Mundo for some reason. Our exclusive clip this week catches him doing it again, this time taunting his fellow WWE ex for his loss in the Trios Tournament.

Get fully caught up on last week's show here, or read any/all of Manolo's Rundowns for this season here.

Then tune in at 8PM Eastern tonight on El Rey (or Saturday at 4PM on UniMás, or whenever on Sling TV) and watch the best thing you're going to see until they actually put Pentagon, Jr. in Mortal Kombat XI.

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