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Ring of Honor/New Japan Pro Wrestling Global Wars night one is definitely on iPPV; matches announced

ROH Wrestling on Twitter

After two days of rolling out matches for their first two 2015 joint shows, fans of Ring of Honor (ROH) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) know the drill by now. You can get the full card for the two War of the Worlds shows in Philadelphia on May 12 - 13 by clicking here for (most of) night one and here for (night one's main events and) night two.

Expect more of the same as they announce the card for the first of two nights in Toronto, Ontario, Canada today. Global Wars, night one is different in more ways than venue - while we're still trying to get word on how fans without tickets will be able to watch the WotW shows, the Friday, May 15th show is already listed as an internet pay-per-view (iPPV), so anyone with an internet connection and a credit card should be able to get in on this action.

And if the first match they posted on Twitter this morning is any indication, the action is going to be worth getting in on...

The next one doesn't do much for me, but it is interesting as our first instance of inter-promotional tag pairings:

Spoiling themselves again (kind of), it's Alex Shelley's old tag team partner against his new one!

Another NXT/NJPW mixed tag team, another face WWWE/TNA fans will recognize and more of The Kingdom:

This is kind of nutty, and mostly guys you might find on an ROH show anyway, but what the hell:

Here's hoping that these somewhat surprising names getting solo shots at the biggest puro stars are a sign of ROH investing in the future:

These next two aren't my dream matches, either, but you have to remember that part of booking these shows is negotiating who's gets wins and losses, who's taking pins, etc.

Was wondering when Machine Gun and Doc were gonna show up, and there they are in the main event. The ROH "All Stars" aren't the most impressive bunch in the world, but still...this is just crazy enough to work.

There you have it. Only one more card to roll out.

Feel free to use the comments below to discuss the match-ups, ROH and NJPW business or just mark out.

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