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Stardust's Reevaluation (2015)

His name is Stardust and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former WWE Tag Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Commitment - Cody has done such a good job transitioning to this gimmick, he must have had some input with it. Everything changed: voice, facepaint, hissing, outfit, and in-ring style.
  2. Character - Ssssss....*finger touch* The cosmic key! *looks around like a dog that sees a squirrel* That's a pretty good overview of his crazy gimmick, it doesn't make much sense, but is fun to watch.
  3. In-Ring - Many of you mentioned how great it was that he changed up much of his moveset to fit the character. Now that's talent!
  4. "Cody" - Whenever Stardust comes out now the crowd gives him that chant, hoping he'll revert back to his old self. Stardust reacts to this in fine fashion.
  5. Promos Please enjoy this amazing promo.

Best comment comes via Arai (full comment):

"jUpitEr haS 67 mOons...

anD thEyre juSt tHe 0nes wE kn0w ab0ut. AlL th0sE b0dieS juSt floAtiNg aroUnd uP thEre, spINNing arOund 1 (OnE) objEct…


(in the stars is the real answer)

buT yoU doN’t wAnt ANSWERS

y0u jusT waNt quE$tions





What you loathed:

  1. Little Direction - Aside from his hunt for the Tag Titles, and the Goldust Feud, there has been a distinct lack of direction for him. He even called out Attitude Era guys, and WWE doesn't build anything around it. The guy has talent, but just isn't given much to work with.
  2. Gimmick - Some of you don't like what Cody has become, and hope he comes back in the near future.
  3. Goldust Feud - Talk about getting screwed. In 2013, these two were the hottest thing going against The Shield. There came a time when the brothers could have feuded with each other, but that didn't happen. Then they team up as The Dust Brothers, tease a big break-up that could finally lead to a great WrestleMania match...nope. On Raw, Stardust -- with zero fanfare -- turned on Goldy, they're given a short match on a B-PPV, to which Goldust wins! What?! These guys deserved so much better than that.
  4. Ceiling - Cody Rhodes became the Intercontinental Champion, Stardust will most likely never reach that level.

Best comment comes via ThingsandStuff:

"When I started watching a year ago, Goldust creeped me out because of the weirdness of his look and how everyone in the show acts like he’s a regular dude. It took a while, but he grew on me big-time, and I ended up feeling like his persona – crazy look, quiet intensity, utter seriousness – was totally unique. Now we’ve got Stardust, who feels like a bad parody of Goldust. By copying the look, he ruins how unique it was. Add to that a squealing, obnoxious voice and silly metaphors, supposedly "riddles," that don’t go anywhere, and you’ve got one super irritating character."

On to the poll! With 275 votes, Stardust's average score is 3.6, last year he received a 4

Thanks, Cagesiders! The next pick is up now, check it out!

Until then!

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