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Ring of Honor begins announcing matches with New Japan Pro Wrestling for 'War of the Worlds', night one in Philadelphia

With the roster of talent coming to North America from New Japan Pro Wrestling now set, all that was left was for Ring of Honor to begin announcing the cards for the four shows the two companies will produce. And that started today with the first set of matches being booked for War of the Worlds, night one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May12th.

First up is a battle of the bookers, as Delirious (aka ROH Creative head Hunter Johnson) will face Gedo:

Then, in an interesting pairing that should feature high quality workrate, it's Mr. ROH Roderick Strong against half of The Time Splitters team, Kushida:

Television champ and first generation superstar Jay Lethal gets Takaaki Watanabe as he heads into the second year of his North American excursion:

And the last announcement, for now, is the first Bullet Club-related one, as The Young Bucks get into a Triple Threat with new ROH tag champs The Addiction and Maria Kanellis' Kingdom:

Honestly, these matches don't do a whole lot for me - I was particularly hoping for something more for Lethal - but, there will be a lot more of these to cover the remaining NJPW talent (including big names like Tanahashi, Okada and Nakamura) and three more nights to fill, so there's no point getting too worked up yet.

Anything jump out at you, Cagesiders?


UPDATE: match five...

UPDATE 2: match six is a doozy, and official word is that the last two matches will be announced tonight during the start of Raw...

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