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Scott Steiner reportedly banned from WrestleMania activities due to confrontation with Hulk Hogan's wife

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Multiple sites are reporting that the drama surrounding WWE's Hall of Fame ceremony this past Saturday night went a lot deeper than just off-scripted comments ruffling Vince McMahon's feathers as was covered in today's Rumor Roundup.

Following what The Wrestling Observer called an "ugly incident" with Hulk Hogan's wife Jennifer on a flight, WWE officials banned Scott Steiner from WrestleMania activities, including the Hall of Fame induction festivities in San Jose. has a picture that they say was posted at stations around SAP Center so that security would be able to identify Steiner should he try to enter the building.

The source and nature of the disagreement between Steiner and Jennifer is unknown, and this news shouldn't be taken as a sign that it was anything physical - WWE surely didn't want even a verbal altercation between a former contracted talent and the wife of one of their top ambassadors overshadowing their big event.

Keep eyes and ears here for any updates to this definitely weird, sad story, gang. Don't hold your breath for Big Poppa Pump in the WWE Hall of Fame anytime soon, though.

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