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WWE Smackdown preview (April 2, 2015): Keep your eye on the doughnut, not the hole

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What you need to know

He may no longer wear the belt, but at least Brock Lesnar got to do what he enjoys most - and what he promised he would do - at WrestleMania, and that was whoop Roman Reigns' ass. Of course, Seth Rollins ruined it for everyone when he slithered into their main event and took the title without pinning the champ to become the most undeserving title holder The Beast Incarnate can remember. Lesnar doesn't want to let his Advocate sue to get his championship back, though. No Brock came to Raw to fight.

Despite some manuevering by Stephanie McMahon, Heyman and Lesnar got to stand in the ring with Rollins...but only for a moment. Seth kept on slithering right out of Brock's rematch, claiming jet lag from his post-Mania Today Show appearance on the other coast. Interestingly, that didn't keep The Future from taunting old foe Randy Orton into a tag match later, but...

Infuriated by not getting to lay hands on the new champ, the old champ proceeded to destroy everything in sight. After allowing fans everywhere to live vicariously through him when he wrecked the announce table and F5-ed Michael Cole, McMahon came out to beg him to stop. When he wouldn't, and a poor defensively civilain cameraman also took Brock's finisher a few times, Steph had no choice but to write Lesnar off television to account for his limited date contract suspend him.

Newly elevated secondary titles, Intercontinental and United States, were on display, as Daniel Bryan defended the white & gold against Dolph Ziggler, and actually won clean before salty former champ Bad News Barrett ran in to get in a few cheap shots. A mohawked Sheamus returned to...Brogue Kick both of the babyfaces, as or new heel Celtic Warrior announced his presence with authority. For the other strap, John Cena welcomed boos from the San Jose crowd and said his red, white and blue reign will be about kicking butts rather than changing minds. He then battled Dean Ambrose in a match that was designed to change minds about the Lunatic Fringe and his losing streak, but ultimately just continued said losing streak.

Also drawing the ire of the crowd were The New Day, who won an eight man tag with Lucha Dragons over tag champs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd and The Ascension, despite drawing such heat it might have turned them heel. And the Divas weren't exactly booed, but large swathes of the audience were more concerned with their sex lives than their wrestling. Lady babyfaces AJ Lee, Paige & Naomi beat Divas champ Nikki Bella, her sister & Natalya, and the former Funkadactyl might have postioned herself for a title shot by virtue of the pin on Nik.

Former NXT champ Neville dropped his first name and then became the latest Superstar to not become an Axelmaniac, squashing Curtis Axel in his official main roster debut. Damien Mizdow moved closer to taking back his old name after standing up to his former boss, but Miz took him to task for it with a beating after the ex-stunt double beat Stardust one-on-one. And former US champ Rusev took out Goldust, because he's too good at wrestling to just do nothing on a three hour show.

Then, the match that the new WWE champ wasn't too tired for, started. Orton agreed to take Ryback on as one of his partners against Rollins, Kane & Big Show. They were prepared to go it alone, but Roman Reigns made his way through the crowd...and things got kind of ugly. The match itself was fine, but an arena full of tired 'smart' fans weren't interested. The Big Dog won after Spearing one of the two middle aged men who go over younger talent just so their taking pins in matches like this matter.

What to look out for

WWE was still trying to soak in as much of that California love as they could on Tuesday, as they hit Fresno for Smackdown. If you don't slather yourself in spoiler-block, check out the results of the taping right here.

Earlier this week, we were told the breakdown of Monday's fallout match from Sunday's ladder match would result in our traditional Thursday tag match (whew!)...but that may no longer be the case. Look for Bryan, Ziggler, Barrett and Sheamus to mix it up one way or another, and for The Beard to look to start the longest win streak by an Intercontinental champ on televised weekday shows since The Honky Tonk Man*.

We'll be getting the rest of Roman Reigns' latest sitdown with Byron Saxton, who will presumably be on commentary with Cole still hospitalized. Or maybe Tom Phillips can get his job back. Jerry Lawler will be there regardless, so it probably won't make too much of a difference since no one will be calling the matches anyway.

Perhaps will find out if Roman or Randy will get the official first shot at Rollins? Reigns has a decent argument as the man who didn't get to finish his one-on-one title match with the now-absent Lesnar, but Monday night reminded us that The Viper never got a rematch from WM 30...and he has some wins over the new champ on his recent stat sheet.

Will Cena's "come get some" approach to the US title include working nights other than Mondays? Are the Lucha Dragons going to be built up as tag contenders will Jey Uso's shoulder heals?

The road out of WrestleMania continues tonight!

(Note: I know some folks have come looking for a more definitive match listing - that will be posted behind spoiler text in the comments. If releases more information on anything that's officially going to take place on tonight's show, that'll be updated here)

Is Fresno geographically, and Tuesday chronologically, far enough away from Smarkamania for us & WWE to get a sense of how how fans will respond to the post-Play Button landscape?

Of course, they could always find out by just hanging here with the best pro wrestling community on the interwebs - something we also recommend you do tonight for Smackdown!

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