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Ricky Steamboat says his son is done with wrestling due to back injury

Richie Steamboat was a staple of WWE's Developmental program at the start of this decade. From 2010 through 2012, Ricky Steamboat's son was a constant fixture in the main event programs of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and NXT, winning tag team gold with Seth Rollins and feuding with Husky Harris (now Bray Wyatt), Leo Kruger (Adam Rose) & Damien Sandow for singles titles.

The babyface was written out of the chase to become the inaugural NXT champ (eventually won by Rollins) to feud with Kassius Ohno. While winning that series, he incurred a back injury and was out of action. Rumors circulated in late 2013 that he had been released from his contract, but WWE claimed that wasn't the case.

Now, his father has revealed in a post-WrestleMania 31 conversation with Title Match Wrestling that the back injury and subsequent surgeries have resulted in the younger Steamboat hanging up his boots:

My son, unfortunately, is not going to be able to do what I did. There was something...that I know he wanted to carry on the name, but he hurt his back - four discs to be specific - he's had a surgery, and it just doesn't look like things are gonna work out for him.

While undoubtedly a huge disappointment for both Steamboats, there does seem to be a silver lining for the business of pro wrestling. As discussion swirls around Daniel Bryan's comeback and what he should or should not be doing in the ring, the generation coming up now features a couple of examples in Richie and Corey Graves of guys who have taken doctors' advice to heart and walked away from grappling careers rather than risk doing more damage to their bodies.

That the performers, WWE and older stars like Triple H & the elder Steamboat are amenable to and even encouraging of men & women thinking about their long-term future instead of "gutting it out" in pursuit of short-term success is a positive development. And hopefully, just maybe, means that pro wrestling will have fewer horror stories and cautionary tales about damaged and dead workers in the future.

You can see Title Match's chat with The Dragon in the video below. Best to Richie in whatever comes next for him.

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