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Outer space vs. the Center of the Earth...tonight on Lucha Underground (April 15, 2015)!

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It hardly seems like it, but it's been two months since Dario Cueto decided that the space-themed luchador and the guy from El Inframundo had enough chemistry to merit a best-of-five series with a "unique opportunity" for the winner.

But here we are, all tied up at two wins a piece and headed for the finish line. A quick refresher on what got us this far...

Episode 13 - Drago pinned AeroStar following a blockbuster DDT

Episode 16 - AeroStar pinned Drago following a sunset flip powerbomb and springboard splash

Episode 19 - AeroStar pinned Drago following a hurricanrana and springboard splash

Episode 21 - Drago pinned AeroStar following a corkscrew crossbody

Heading into tonight's final showdown, my homeboy and yours had some words for each of the combatants...

Dario sure does get a lot of business done in that bathroom. And Drago apparently has a mouthpiece to his hood just to keep his tongue from oozing out of his mouth.

Who will emerge victorious? What is Cueto's prize, and will either of the tecnicos cut corners to claim it?

Also on tonight's new episode, the trios tournament continues. We get our first look at the supervillain team-up of Cage, King Cuerno & Texano as they square off with the promotion's champion, Prince Puma, his hand-picked ally Johnny Mundo and the partner his mentor has chosen for him, Hernandez.

Lucha Underground has made the most of the strange bedfellows groupings in the trios tourney, providing fun matches that also advance storylines between teammates and competitors. Anyone bemoaning the state of tag wrestling in WWE should give this show or Ring of Honor a try.

Tune in at 8PM Eastern tonight on El Rey (or Saturday at 4PM on UniMás, or whenever on Sling TV) and get in on the ground floor of a show that has the pro wrestling world buzzing.

Because everyone knows that dragon men fighting astronauts at the behest of a coke-snorting Spaniard is cool.

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