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Can Rob Gronkowski get Mojo Rawley over in WWE?

Mojo Rawley on Twitter

Despite a pretty big push, NXT roster member Mojo Rawley struggled to get fans in that show's Full Sail University Winter Park, Florida home and on WWE Network to stay hyped past his initial, high energy debut.

WWE officials were reportedly high on Mojo (real name Dean Muhtadi), but diminishing returns in terms of crowd reaction and an injury sidelined his push. He was written off to rehabilitate his shoulder  by and has a ready-made return feud set with Tyler Breeze. But Triple H and company have to be worried about the response Rawley will get from the NXT Universe.

Either on his own or with the help of Creative, the Hype Man's return is getting a boost from Rob Gronkowski of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. The tight end, known as Gronk, is famous for his on the field skill and his larger than life personality, making him someone even this Pats-hater has to admit was pretty much born to sports entertain. Muhtadi played college ball at University of Maryland with Gronk's brother Dan.

Here's the brief promo the two cut online:

It's got Mojo HYPED:

How bout you, Cagesiders?

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