Charlotte vs Paige: The Battle of the Golden Children

I have had a piece of fantasy booking kicking around in my head for a while now, and I think I finally got it nailed down. So now I will subject anyone who clicks on this to it...Lets do this thang!

We know Charlotte will be making the move to the main roster sooner or later, and her debut is something I greatly anticipate.

But how do they do it? She is HHH's Golden Child and we know Trips previous Golden Child has made the transition and found success, and because I can't not not include Paige into all my fantasy bookings (seriously I book her into angles in promotions she is not even in) we'll start with her.

Lets take a quick look at Paige's first year. She was hot-shotted to the title and had Tamina, Foxxy and Naomi fed to her. She then had her feud with AJ, before taking a backseat for awhile to get the Bellas into the top spot. She was the anti-Diva but then joined Total Divas, which is still kind of a paradox if you ask me.

But basically, Paige has been everything that The Authority would want. A dominate athlete that people will gladly pay money to see, she has been a team player by joining the cast of Total Divas and has not rocked the boat. Basically she has been an unknowing member of The Authority this whole time. But now she has teamed with AJ and they have apparently put their differences aside and instead of "Batman vs Joker" they're "Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy".

We know AJ sent out that tweet to Steph when #GiveDivasaChance got rolling, and whether it was a work or shoot does not matter because it needs to become a work now.

For the purposes of this Angle, Steph hates AJ and vice versa. From here out, AJ and Paige (hereafter called Legion of Womb or LoW) should go on an irreverent tear - not so much trying to dominate the scene as just run it into the ground with jokes and sarcasm.

After a few weeks, LoW finally pisses off Steph and she comes out as "Mom Stephanie". She calls Paige into the office and reads her the riot act. She says that:

Hunter and I have been grooming you for success from the moment you walked through the doors at FCW - we knew we had the next big Diva star on our hands. It was Hunter who created the NXT women's title just for her, we gave you the idea to go congratulate AJ last year, knowing she would react just as she did. Every bit of success you have achieved is thanks to US!

Trips can play the concerned but distant father figure, not wanting to look as if he is siding with Paige over Steph.

Of course, Paige dismisses this angrily, stating that she is self made and earned everything she achieved... no one gave her anything.

Steph then begins to try to break up and beatdown LoW at every turn - but it never works. AJ & Paige just continue to cause havoc through out the company. The Authority has no choice bit to call in the new Golden Child...Charlotte.

This begins the Charlotte vs Paige feud. Remember, Charlotte never beat Paige for the NXT Women's title so she does have something to prove. The feud can go back and forth for awhile and will provide a secondary story for the Women to have while The Bellas and Naomi feud, and Emma gets rehabbed in NXT.

I think they could play out this story very interestingly, you can finally get Charlotte on the roster and establish her without having to hot shot another NXT call up to the title scene, which was cool to see it happen once, but continually doing it will actually hurt the division. You don't have to strap the division on her back and hope she doesn't buckle, like they took a big risk doing with Paige. We can get some good Steph vs AJ promos, and having both Paige and Charlotte next to them while it happens will be a great learning experience for both of them.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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