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Lucha Underground bring uno, dos, tres times the action tonight (April 1, 2015)

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The other Wednesday night show that every wrestling fan should be watching returns with a new episode tonight at 8PM Eastern. After weeks of feud-enders and championship matches, owner Dario Cueto has a big announcement tonight that will kick-off the next big angle in his Temple. LU is getting a Trios title, and the tournament to crown the first kings begins tonight!

Big Ryck is ready...

Looking forward to seeing who the tourney entrants are. This is a great idea for LU, as it will allow them to keep some players that are much better characters than wrestlers (looking at your one good eye, Big man) on the board. And it's another element they can adapt from Mexico that will honor lucha libre traditions while making the show feel different from other nationally televised pro wrestling shows.

Tonight's show will also feature Drago up against the wall in his best of five series with Aero Star, who leads the Cueto-issued quest for a "special opportunity" two matches to one. And fresh off of a loss to Son of Havoc and a kick to the head from that man's ex-girlfriend, Ivelisse, Angelico has a tough task in front of him as he tries to get back to the win column, as he faces Johnny Mundo tonight.

Our exclusive clip from the nice folks at El Rey actually spoils the outcome of that match - so be forewarned before scrolling down or clicking play - but it is a phenomenal example of the backstage segments that make LU such a cool and different kind of wrestling show. And it has me giddy with anticipation for a future main event between these two men...




Who's tuning in tonight (on El Rey, or Saturday at 4PM on UniMás, or whenever on Sling TV)? And, am I the only one working two screens at 8PM on Wednesdays?

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