Winners and Losers: Total Divas Season Finale "The New Divas Champion"



Paige: Paige is in love with Bradley, her boyfriend. She said she has told him stuff that no one else knows. That's how you know this is serious. And how do you know it's serious? Well, Paige asked Bradley to move in with her since they travel so much and won't see each other a lot. He says that it is too soon and she will meet his mom.

When Paige meets Bradley's mom, she hugs her mom and sister. She then wants Bradley to tell his mom about him moving in with her. This gets Paige a little upset. And then all four go out to eat, and Nikki, Bradley's sister, says he was married. Bradley was visibly upset and Paige was upset because Bradley never told her. They then talked in the house, with the other family members hearing secretly hearing in another room, Paige and Bradley got in an argument because Bradley doesn't think his past marriage is a big deal and it is revealed this is the reason why he doesn't want to move in with Paige.

They then talk outside and they argue more and Paige says she is done with Bradley. She leaves the house, and it looks like they are done as a couple. Good on Paige to get out of a relationship that she knows won't have any long-term success.

-- Nikki Bella: Nikki is considering options in the entertainment industry, which is good. She had a meeting with casting directors and had to make a choice between acting or wrestling. She has a talk with John, and I agree with John, Nikki is taking a risk but it's okay, because if she fails, at least she tried.

Nikki then wins the Divas title and thinks that WWE is probably the place to be.

In the final scene of this season, Nikki tells Mark Carrano that she has offers in the entertainment industry. She tells Mark Carrano that she has two steps out the door. And this is how the season ends, with Carrano saying WWE is ready to move on without the Bellas.

-- Brie Bella: Brie is considering the 3 year contract that WWE offered because she wants to be a mom and wants a family. If she signs it, she will be 34 1/2 years old when the contract expires. She talks to D-Bryan about it and says he is ready to be a father when she is.

She tells Mark Carrano that she wants to start a family and doesn't really want to re-sign with WWE.

-- Eva Marie: She is posing for an extension line. And Jonathan is rude to Eva's friends. She got in trouble with Mark Carrano and WWE legal for taking photos not approved by WWE. WWE was not happy.

She told Jonathan about this and Jonathan didn't care. We know how strict WWE is when it comes to their talent doing other stuff outside WWE. So she took a risk with this and should've just told Jonathan to screw himself. They then got in a wild argument. I think Eva was great here because she was honest and told Jonathan the truth on how she feels.

This episode didn't really have any losers. And it focused and featured only four Total Divas. And none of them did anything bad. The Bellas and Eva Marie were honest which is a good thing.

On how this season ended, I don't feel it's dramatic at all. We know the Bellas didn't leave WWE and re-signed with WWE because Nikki still has the Divas title. WWE has showed no signs that the Bellas will be gone. So for WWE fans, it's kind of a dull ending. For non-WWE fans, they may be intrigued or worried that the Bellas may be gone.

This is why Total Divas being behind four months is terrible because it's too far behind. Being behind one month or less than that isn't bad at all, but four months, no.

Anyways, that is it for me here. I expect to do these write-ups next season when Total Divas starts on July 7. Thanks to those who have read, commented, or voted on the articles. I really appreciate and makes me know it is no waste of time doing these write-ups.

So Cagesiders, one last question. Are the Bellas gone from WWE or will they not re-sign with WWE? Your thoughts on the season?

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