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Wrestling with My Thoughts: Demott steps down, Jon Stewart, Nikki Bella, and Cena

Another week down, another week of new wrestling stories, rumors, and news to examine. Plus, this past week's reevaluations!

Let's take a look at some of the past week's biggest and best stories.


Now, lets check out the reevaluations:

3/2/15 - WWE Creative (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 1.7

Best comments by: SouthofHeaven64 and ReverendKain

3/3/15 - Summer Rae (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 2.8

Best comments by: Zentrification and Arai

3/4/15 - JBL (reevaluation) - Updated poll score: 2.9

Best comments by: multiple - see evaluation


Most Rec comment: Lordban - 14 Recs

"Refusal of vote. I cannot in good conscience try for an objective assessment of a team whose performance is largely influenced by a strategic vision that defines how it is assembled, and who face constant pressure and last-minute revisions that have serious negative impact on their performance, or are faced with no-win conundrums about inserting minor celebrities and putting them over because of contractual obligations they have nothing to do with."

Most Rec (with .gif or picture) comment: DFreshMMA (Summer Rae's gif review) - 18 Recs


Thanks, Cagesiders, see ya next week.

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