The Bros B4 Elbows Radio Show Episode 2.8: The MythBusters Episode

The six-dollar bacon wrapped pizza of pro wrestling radio shows returns with another episode for the record books. The Bros B4 Elbows official record book is free and comes with a 2 liter of audio garlic butter sauce to dip, chug, or put in your water pipe!


Like Hulk Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant for the very first time, the team at Bros B4 Elbows will make you feel all tingly on the inside. The only pro wrestling radio show streaming exclusively on GTV, episode 2.8 of the Bros B4 Elbows gives the week that was in pro wrestling an elbow drop straight to the chest. Renegades on the attack, Rollins versus Stewart, Bryan versus Reigns, ROH versus NXT, are topics all tackled in a single hour long run to the ring during episode 2.8 of the Bros B4 Elbows pro wrestling show.

Topics covered in this episode:

-Talking Hogan slamming Andre, two Ultimate Warriors, Tom Green and more pro wrestling myths

-Life outside of TNA and WWE as ROH and NXT keeping becoming pro wrestling "it" promotions

-Question of the day: Pick a WCW or ECW pay per view event from the past and make WWE adopt it for 2015. What would you choose?

-Can Triple H afford a fourth straight WrestleMania loss? When is it going to Seth Rollins time? How soon does Kevin Owens get called up to the main roster?

- A TNA update featuring Samoa Joe, Rhyno, ODB.....ummmm. We also breakdown the ins and outs of a Dixeland match

-Time to cut a promo on Papa John's and all of his affiliates plus maybe a top five moment in BB4E history occurs during the midway point of episode 2.8

- A RAW recap and review

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