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Yes or No: Did WrestleMania 31 top last year?

In celebration of WrestleMania, it's time to answer the hard questions with a simple yes or no.

Earlier in the week, this question was asked, and you guys answered in one-sided fashion. With 1076 votes, 70% of you said no, and 30% said yes. Now that the show is over, did you think WrestleMania 31 was a better show?

I'll get the conversation started...

Again, I'll say yes, this year's show was better. Not that last year's show was bad by any means, but this WrestleMania entertained from start to finish. It had a little bit for everyone: stiff match (main event), spot-fest (ladder match), overbooked madness (Sting/Triple H), great matches (Taker/Wyatt), and surprises (Rousey/Rock or Rollins' cash-in). Even if the lead-up was poor, I felt invested once each match started. Even the Pre-Show and "filler" matches were entertaining to me. I actually found it difficult to get away from the TV for fear of missing something.

It's actually easier for me to think of what I didn't like in this show. Big Show and Cena winning their respective matches were -- somewhat expected -- low points. Also, I didn't enjoy the sun. Yeah, I know, it's the life-giving source for, well, everything, on Earth, but it ruined some entrances! The lighting and fireworks didn't come across great on TV for nearly the entire show.

I was also having WrestleMania 9 flashbacks.

No thanks.

So now that we actually got to experience the show, did you change your mind? Was Daniel Bryan winning the championship and Brock defeating "The Streak" a better show? Vote and hit up the comments section with your thoughts.

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