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Vince McMahon says WrestleMania plans came together last minute, and WWE marketing helped pull Sting from 'obscurity'

The Chairman made a couple of comments during today's investor conference call that are sure to get tongues wagging and keyboard keys clicking when answering questions from callers about last night's WrestleMania and how the show came together.

According to PWInsider's report on the call, Vince McMahon was asked about fan complaints regarding the build for this year's show. While acknowledging that content will always have doubters, and that social media responses to Creative in the moment are "lots of grains of sand".

Interesting, to me at least, is that McMahon admitted that the drive to 'Mania was more last minute than others. He said that they sometimes they are able to stay more ahead of the curve, but not always - and this year was one of the years when they couldn't. While it'll never happen, it would be awesome to pick Vince's brain about what factors cause this year to be more last minute and how they dealt with them. Roman Reigns injury, the Royal Rumble reaction and Brock Lesnar's contract drama are all things Creative played pretty well in the final analysis, but there had to be some stressful moments and tense conversations getting to the moments we got last night in Santa Clara.

One of those moments was Sting's first match in a WWE ring, and a caller asked if the company used video on demand (VOD) figures from the Network to make the business decision to finally bring the WCW legend onboard. Vince said that there were a number of factors behind that decision. In putting over his company's marketing machine, he made a claim that the internet is already buzzing about - that WWE took Sting from "obscurity" and made him a major attraction.

Multiple reports say that it was impossible to tell if McMahon was referring to TNA, Sting himself, the amount of time that's passed since he was on top in WCW or some combination of all three. Given Vince's reputation, and especially in the wake of how last night's Triple H match ended up, it's hard to not take it as at least a subtle dig.

Thoughts, Cagesiders? Surprised that Vince copped to not having the biggest event on his calendar plotted out long in advance? Wondering if the shots fired at WCW will ever end? Amazed at the dirt screens making mountains out mole hills?

Be nice about it, but let us know!

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