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What's the point of the Andre Memorial Battle Royal?

Last night at WrestleMania, we were witness to some awesome moments. Unfortunately, the ending of the Battle Royal, was not one of them.

Overall, WrestleMania was a fantastic show, so consider this a minor blip on the radar. First, let me start with a question to ponder:

What is the point of the Andre Memorial Battle Royal?

To me, it was a way to highlight a low/mid-card contender, that needs that extra bump to get more eyes on them and/or give them a post-Mania storyline. That seems fairly logical, so I’m probably way off base.

In 2014, Cesaro got the big win at WrestleMania XXX, which in the moment, was absolutely fantastic. Then he got hooked up with Heyman, and everyone thought the major push was on! Well, we all know how that ended up, but at least WWE picked the right guy to win the Andre Memorial that year.

This year, they couldn’t have picked a worse winner, The Big Show. I’d rather have seen Curtis Axel’s dumb-ass win it all over Big Show. The obvious reason for Show to win is he’s the most "Andre-like" competitor the WWE currently has on its roster. So in an extremely short-sighted view; I get why he was picked. Beyond that, it makes no sense, and here’s why:

#1 - Big Show -- unfortunately -- is booked as one of the top heels in the company right now. So he doesn’t exactly need a push or need more TV time, unless they are going to start putting him in title matches. Wait; forget I even mentioned that idea…

#2 – Who actually says these days; "Oh my God, I can’t wait to go see the Big Show!" Nobody, and that’s a problem. People are over the Big Show; he had his moments, but no longer provides entertaining matches or a consistent character to love/hate. He’s just there.

#3 – Plenty of other guys deserved the win here, but the one in particular who worked his butt off all year to get beyond over with the Mizdow. Not only did he get back on TV through hard work, but he made Miz a heel we love to hate, instead of just hate! This would have been a perfect catalyst for Mizdow vs. Miz. Mizdow finally has something the Miz doesn’t, and they feud over it. Plus, a big concern for Mizdow, post-Miz feud, was where does he go next? Being the battle royal winner could have provided some simple storylines going forward.

When Big Show tossed Mizdow out, the crowd didn’t boo because they dislike Show. They booed because they wanted Mizdow to win, so badly. Its little things like this that help can make or break a career. Show has had a career already, why not give a guy like Mizdow the chance to have one as well?

In short, say "No to Show".

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