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WWE responds to allegations that Bill DeMott created an unprofessional work environment in NXT two years ago

WWE has issued an official statement responding to former NXT wrestler Judas Devlin's allegations that Bill DeMott created an unsafe and unprofessional work environment in NXT two years ago.

Bullying is no laughing matter!
Bullying is no laughing matter!

Yesterday, we reported that former NXT wrestler Judas Devlin (real name: Austin Matelson) had published on Wreddit a memo that he had sent to WWE's top talent relations and human resources executives two years ago cataloguing a laundry list of complaints about NXT's head trainer Bill DeMott. This included allegations that DeMott routinely bullied some of his students, both mentally and physically, and that his reckless coaching techniques frequently led to preventable injuries. The official complaint did lead to an internal investigation by WWE at the time that concluded that there had been no wrongdoing by DeMott.

Today, WWE responded to the story by giving Mike Johnson of the following statement on the matter, basically claiming that the allegations have already been investigated and weren't found to be proven:

"WWE took the accusations made two years ago by Austin Matelson very seriously, conducted a full investigation and was unable to validate the claims. Regardless, WWE continues to reinforce policies and procedures to ensure a positive training environment."

We have to hope that WWE are being true to their word that they have taken steps to promote a happier and safer workplace in NXT, rather than merely scaring off their trainees from ever complaining again, because the whistleblower that did was quickly iced and eventually let go.

WWE would likely have hoped that their official statement would put the story to bed, but former NXT wrestler Briley Pierce (real name Ryan Nemeth, Dolph Ziggler's brother) has since claimed that WWE executives never talked to him about Matelson's allegation that Bill DeMott had once kicked Pierce in his medical boot whilst he was recovering from a broken leg:

Matelson himself has also promised to respond to WWE's statement in a podcast tomorrow night:

I expect the continued criticism from many unsuccessful NXT trainees will fall on deaf ears. Change can only be instigated from within, as it's very easy for WWE management to chalk up these complaints as the rantings of a few bitter ex-workers. Hopefully things have already changed for the better without the need for any further intervention.

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