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The Rock shows up at WrestleMania, gets slapped by Stephanie McMahon and has Ronda Rousey kick her ass

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What seemed like strangely placed Authority talking time that would fit in the top of hour slot of an average Raw showed up in the middle of WrestleMania. It was a nice bit of heeling, with Stephanie McMahon lulling us into thinking she was going to be in her public role as kindly benevolent corporate officer only to troll the fans about owning them.

IF YOU SMELL hit the sound system, and Dwayne Johnson, fresh off a red eye from New York and hosting Saturday Night Live, came out for some cheap pop (reminding us he was born in the East Bay) and to stick up for the MILLIONS.

McMahon responded with some epic heeling, claiming that the McMahons have owned the Maivia and Johnson family for generations, slapping Rocky and kicking him out of the ring. When she taunted him and asked if he was going to hit a woman, he backed off.

But when he didn't leave right away, the crowd caught on. WWE Superfan and UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey had been ringside all night. As the People's Champ headed to her section, "RONDA" chants filled Levi's Stadium.

Steph tried to play off the whole thing, bringing up the public appearances they'd done in the past and saying they were friends. But McMahon said this was the squared circle, not the Octagon, and asked Rousey to leave.

After telling the Principal Owner that any ring she steps in is hers, Triple H told Rock to stop talking about his wife. That lead to Rocky and Rousey taking it to Hunter. When she tried to stand up for her husband, Steph found herself in a standing arm lock. Only Rock telling her to stand down got the champ to toss Stephanie from the ring.

The Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment got on the mic to tell us we'd just seen a bonafide WrestleMania moment. And while it may have also been to kill time for a wounded Bray Wyatt or to get the sun to go down for an Undertaker entrance that might be longer than their match, he was right.

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