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WrestleMania 31 results: Triple H beats Sting; DX and nWo run in; nothing makes sense

None of this made sense but it happened.

After a career that has spanned over nearly 30 years, Sting finally made his way to a WWE ring for a match at the WrestleMania 31 pay-per-view (PPV) tonight at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. He did so for a match against Triple H, a bit of a throwback to the WWE vs. WCW Monday Night War days.

Both got elaborate entrances, though Triple H went all out with a Terminator theme with the assistance of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sting, for whatever it's worth to those who care about such things, did not wrestle in a t-shirt. He looked great, as did "The Game."

The match was paced fairly slow. It picked up when Sting locked in the Scorpion Death Drop and D-Generation X's music hit. X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws all ran in to make the save but Sting fought them off, including a big splash to the entire group on the outside. Once back in the ring, however, Triple H hit a Pedigree for a two count. Then he grabbed the trusty sledgehammer.

That's when the nWo music hit and Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall came out to brawl with DX. "The Monday Night War has come to WrestleMania," Cole commented.

Triple H, distracted by the nWo, ate a Scorpion Death Drop for an amazing near fall. The nWo and DX continued battling on the outside with literally all of them taking bumps, including Hogan. Hall took a back body drop.

Through it all, Sting held on to the Scorpion Death Drop. He only let it go when Shawn Michaels appeared in a DX shirt to hit Sweet Chin Music. But even that only got a two count.

They set up a standoff, with DX giving Triple H the sledgehammer while the nWo gave Sting his trademark baseball bat. Sting won out when the sledgehammer broke in half.

Stinger splash.

But the second splash attempt was blocked by a sledgehammer shot. That was enough to get the pinfall and the victory for the bad guys.

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