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WrestleMania 31 results, live streaming match coverage (Mar. 29, 2015): Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

It's finally here. WWE WrestleMania 31 is all set to pop off TONIGHT (Sun., Mar. 29, 2015) from Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, at 5 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of WrestleMania 31 below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

NOTE: This is the live blog for the show and comments are closed. The live discussion thread for the show can be found by clicking HERE.

Full results and match coverage below.



Seth Rollins def. Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns
Triple H def. Sting
Undertaker def. Bray Wyatt
John Cena def. Rusev
Randy Orton def Seth Rollins
Daniel Bryan wins the Intercontinental title ladder match
Big Show wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
AJ Lee & Paige def. Bella Twins
The Brass Ring Club wins the Fatal Four Way tag team title match



BaconStrips here, and welcome to WrestleMania!


Preshow Highlights - Hour 1

  • Our preshow panel consists of Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.
  • Tom Phillips is looking quite dapper in a tuxedo. He also announces that Lita will be joining him in the social media lounge for the next hour.
  • Rusev is stretching when Lana comes up to him wearing a bejeweled suit. She promises to not be compassionate again. Rusev vows to destroy America tonight.
  • Part of Jimmy Kimmel's interview with John Cena is aired. It is actually pretty funny, and the official instrument of the United States IS the cowbell. Cena vows to take the US Title back from Rusev.
  • Eden tries to get an interview with Triple H, but is denied by Kane.
  • J&J Security meet The Stooges (Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson)
  • "What stooges" - Pat Patterson
  • Nothing significant to report aside from a bunch of video packages.


The Usos vs The New Day vs Los Matadores vs The Brass Ring Club (WWE Tag Team Championship)

  • Same as last year: two people will be in the ring, but they can tag anyone they want.
  • Cesaro and Kofi start, and the two go back and forth until Cesaro is hit with a dropkick. Cesaro tags a Matador in and then assaults an Uso out of frustration.
  • The Matador takes control of Kofi, with a tag and a few moves. Cesaro then retags himself back in.
  • Jey Uso is taken out of the ring area by a doctor.
  • Cesaro and Tyson take control of Kofi, eventually doing the swing/dropkick combo to a good pop.
  • After some wearing down by Kidd, Kofi eventually tags Jimmy Uso in, and Jimmy SUPERKICKS EVERYONE.
  • Butt Bump EVERYONE!
  • After Kofi jumps to the outside, Jimmy superkicks Tyson Kidd, but only gets a two count.
  • Big E tags himself in right as Kofi eats an uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro does a bridging pin, then eats a splash from Big E.
  • Insanity in the corner as we have some suplexes from the apron, splashes, and eventually a powerbomb/backstabber from Los Matadores for a two count on Kofi.
  • Insanity abound on the outside as we have some brawling. Nattie locks El Torito in the sharpshooter, Naomi does a suicide dive, then Rear Views Nattie.
  • The chaos continues inside as The New Day hits their double team finish, but the pin is broken by Cesaro and Jimmy Uso.
  • Big E sets up for a double Big Ending, but that is broken by a superkick from Jimmy. More superkicks abound, and I am really having issues keeping up with this insanity.
  • Jimmy Uso splashes Big E, but Cesaro throws Jimmy out of the ring and gets the pin after all the craziness.

The Brass Ring Club def The New Day, The Usos, and Los Matadores


2nd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

  • AXELMANIA!!!...dies.
  • Hey there Bo Dallas. Nice to see you again.
  • Bo Dallas celebrates eliminating Zach Ryder so much that he eliminates himself.
  • Big Show continues his streak of putting over new talent by eliminating Hideo Itami.
  • Big Show eliminates everyone, leaving it Big Show vs Miz vs Mizdow.
  • Miz sets up some strategy with Mizdow, but Mizdow refuses to comply. The Miz tries to talk sense into Mizdow, but fails.
  • It's Big Show vs Mizdow. Show challenges Mizdow, and Mizdow accepts...albeit unsuccessfully after being floored by a shoulder block.
  • Mizdow tries his hardest, but cannot eliminate Big Show, who wins the BR.

Big Show wins the 2nd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal


Pat Patterson is introduced as he puts the Intercontinental Championship on the hook.


WWE Signature followed by Aloe Blac singing America, the Beautiful, and he does a great job with it.

LL Cool J introduces us to WrestleMania.


Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

  • Daniel Bryan is the first to be introduced, and BAH GAWD HE IS OVER!!!
  • I think Stardust is going full Ziggy Stardust with his entrance attire.
  • Dean Ambrose enters the ring, the bell rings, and the brawl begins.
  • R-Truth (of all people) does a flip over the top rope and lands on Bad News Barrett and Ambrose.
  • This sets up the "everyone dive on everybody" series of spots.
  • Daniel Bryan eats ladder while doing his corner dropkicks. He gets revenge on Luke Harper by trapping his leg in a ladder and doing the signature kicks.
  • Multiple people (BNB, Dean Ambrose, and R-Truth) are climbing a ladder when Stardust dropkicks said ladder, knocking it down. After freaking out because of "Cody" chants, he throws a ladder at Luke Harper.
  • Harper and Ambrose tease a ladder duel, but is quickly turned into fisticuffs after Harper throws the ladder.
  • Ziggler gets guillotined into a ladder, and Ambrose tastes some Snake Eyes into a ladder.
  • Harper is the man who does the Terry Funk approved Ladder Helicopter. This is ended when Truth drop-toe-holds Harper.
  • Note the ladder bridged from the ring to the barricade...
  • Barrett superplexes Stardust from the top of a HUGE ladder. This sparks our first "HOLY SHIT" chant of the evening.
  • Zigger, Bryan, and Ambrose fight for the title next. Ambrose is knocked off ladder, does his rope rebound, and pushes the ladder over, taking Bryan and Ziggler with it.
  • Ziggler puts Harper in a sleeper hold, eventually causing both men to fall from the ladder. We get our first "This is awesome" chant.
  • Ziggler is climbing the ladder to get the IC Title, but is pulled off and Bullhammered by Barrett.
  • Bryan climbs the ladder to grab the title, but is pulled off by Ziggler and Barrett. Bryan dodges the Bullhammer and hits the Running Knee.
  • Bryan climbs the ladder when Ziggler runs up said ladder. The two start brawling on the ladder, eventually resorting to headbutts.
  • Bryan wins the headbutt-off and grabs the Intercontinental Title to win.
  • YES! YES! YES!

Daniel Bryan wins the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match.

And with that, Daniel Bryan is now a triple-crown champion...congrats


Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

  • We're getting this match quite early, aren't we? Hint hint, perhaps?
  • Bell rings, and the two start circling each other before starting the grappling. Orton hits an early dropkick and tries for a RKO, but Rollins high-tails it out of the ring. After a few seconds, Rollins guillotines Orton and takes control.
  • Orton comes right back with some European uppercuts and does come mounted punches. Rollins counters and tires for the buckle bomb, but Orton comes right back with a huge clothesline that sends Rollins inside out.
  • J&J try to interject themselves, but eat a double draping DDT to the ground. Rollins delivers a suicide dive to Orton to swing the momentum in his favor.
  • Rollins goes for his flying knee, but Orton moves out of the way and start hitting his comeback moves. He goes for a powerslam on Rollins, but Rollins sees it coming and tries to reverse it into a curb stomp. Orton sees it coming, moves, then delivers the powerslam.
  • Orton starts to line up for the draping DDT, but Rollins counters out and enziguiris Orton, sending him to the ground. Rollins then hits a beautiful Asai Moonsault on Orton. However, Rollins hits his back on the announce table.
  • Back inside, Rollins climbs the turnbuckle, but is crotched by Orton, who then goes for a superplex. Rollins tries to do a sunset flip for the buckle bomb, but is instead sent crashing to the ground. Orton then delivers a cross body. Rollins reverses the momentum and gets a two count.
  • Orton finally hits the draping DDT and calls for the RKO. He starts to hit it, but Rollins wiggles out and tries for a Sethwalker. Orton reverses this and hits a RKO for only a two count.
  • After thinking a bit, Orton backs up and lines up for the punt. As he starts to run forward, J&J come in to stop them...and eat RKOs for their trouble.
  • Taking advantage of the distraction, Rollins delivers the curb stomp to Orton...for only a two count.
  • Rollins starts to think about how to take out Orton. He starts climbing the turnbuckle for a Phoenix Splash. He goes for the splash, but Orton moves out of the way. He goes for an RKO, but Rollins counters and hits a kick. Rollins tries for a curb stomp, but Orton counters out.
  • The momentum from Orton's counter allows him to hit an amazing RKO on Rollins for the win.

Randy Orton def Seth Rollins


Sting vs Triple H

  • For Sting's entrance, a few people in Sting makeup play drums and bang gongs. I have no clue what they're going for, but it's cool.
  • Sting comes out, and he looks great for his age. No t-shirt either.
  • Triple H's entrance is inspired by the new Terminator movie. We get pyro and Terminators. As for the man himself, he is decked out in a Terminator-inspired suit. This is really cool.
  • After a long staredown, the two lock up and Sting is whipped to the ropes. Sting hits back with a shoulder block.
  • The two lock back up and go for some chain wrestling. After a few minutes, Sting whips Triple H, who hits back with a shoulder block and crotch chop for good measure. Sting hits a hip toss and subsequent dropkick.
  • The crowd shows their appreciation with a loud "you've still got it" chant".
  • A third tie up is broken when Trips hits Sting with a punch as Charles Robinson tries to separate the two. Trips hits his facebuster, but it doesn't even hurt Sting. Sting woos and goes for a Scorpion Deathlock, but Trips high-tails it out.
  • Trips reenters and tries to take control. Sting prevents this by whipping Trips into the corner. This whip causes Trips to flip out of the ring. Sting follows outside where he is thrown into the barricade and ring steps.
  • If it wasn't obvious before, Trips is definitely in control. So much so that Trips starts taunting Sting during the punishment.
  • Sting starts to build up momentum and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock. As he locks it in, D-Generation X comes out, but is fended off by Sting. Trips goes for a Pedigree, but Sting counters out and throws Trips outside.
  • Sting climbs the turnbuckle and DELIVERS  A FLYING CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE...THIS IS A 56 YEAR OLD MAN.
  • Trips does eventually hit a Pedigree, but Sting kicks out at two...Trips is in disbelief.
  • A frustrated Triple H goes outside and gets his favorite toy: the sledgehammer. As he reenters the ring, the nWo's music starts playing, and Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash come out...THIS IS INSANE!!!
  • DX tries to rush the nWo, but to no avail. Hogan crotch chops Trips, who then eats a Scorpion Deathdrop for a two count.
  • The Scorpion Deathdrop is locked in. Trips goes for the hammer, but Hogan takes it away. X-Pac takes down Hogan (you read that right), Nash takes out X-Pac, and Gunn takes down Hall.
  • After a long time, Trips reaches the ropes, breaking the Deathlock. Sting goes for the Deathlock again, but turns and eats a Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels.
  • Trips covers Sting, but Sting BARELY gets the shoulder up. This is still going.
  • Gunn hands Trips the sledgehammer, and Hall hands Sting the bat. Trips tries to use the hammer, but Sting dodges and breaks the hammer with the bat.
  • Trips backs into the corner where Sting starts wailing on him with punches followed by the Stinger Splash. He goes for a second Splash, but Trips nails Sting with the hammer in the head, sealing Sting's fate.

Triple H def Sting

After the bell, Trips and Sting stand in the middle of the ring. Trips puts his hand out for a handshake, and Sting accepts.


Ad for Camp WWE, an adult comedy series made by Seth Green. Swerved, Too Hot for TV, and Diva Search are also promoted.

Maria Menounos interviews Daniel Bryan about his big win. Before he can even say anything, he is congratulated by Pat Patterson, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, and Bret Hart. Everyone starts Yesing until Ron Simmons shows up and DAMN.

Skylar Grey, Kid Ink, and Travis Barker perform.


Paige & AJ Lee vs The Bella Twins

  • The match starts and Nikki takes almost immediate control of Paige, and the Alabamaslam confirms this. The twins tag in-and-out while controlling Paige.
  • It should be mentioned that Nikki knocked AJ off the apron.
  • The Bellas continue their dominance with a double slingshot suplex on Paige...don't see that every day.
  • Every time AJ tries to get back on the apron, one of the Bellas knocks her off again.
  • Nikki executes the Rack Attack on Paige, but Paige is able to kick out at two. She fights off and throws the Bellas outside, where she executes a nice senton on the both of them.
  • Paige enters the ring and finally tags in AJ, who gets a hell of a hot tag. AJ executes a tornado DDT to the ropes (a page out of Itami's book) and a cross body on Brie for a two count.
  • Nikki tries to hit an electric chair on AJ, but AJ reverses into a DDT for a two count. AJ goes for Shining Wizard, but is distracted by Brie enough so Nikki can hit DAT ELBOW for a two count.
  • As Brie tries to interject herself some more, a pissed-off Paige superkicks her, throws her outside, and tosses her hard into the ring steps.
  • Inside, AJ is able to lock in the Black Widow for the win.

Paige & AJ Lee def The Bella Twins


The WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2015 is recognized.


John Cena vs Rusev (United States Championship)

  • Rusev enters to (I think) the Russian national anthem, complete with artillery, marching militarymen, and Lana. Oh, and one more little thing....RUSEV COMES IN ON A FREAKING TANK!!!
  • Cena's entrance, as you would expect, is uber-American, highlighting some of America's great speeches and accomplishments. And despite the video package, Cena still gets more boos than cheers.
  • As Eden introduces Cena as the challenger, Rusev interrupts her and forces her to announce him first.
  • The match starts, and Cena immediately downs Rusev with a clothesline. Rusev responds with a spinning heel kick for a two count.
  • Rusev takes control now with his usual dominance and then some, including an awesome diving/rolling/overhead gutwrench suplex and a corner cannonball. After these moves, Rusev starts waving the Russian flag.
  • Rusev starts taunting Cena, who responds with a kick and his usual moves. He goes for the AA, but Rusev reverses it into a back suplex for two.
  • Rusev tries for DAT KICK, but Cena dodges and tries for the STF, but Rusev reverses and hits a fallaway slam for two. The crowd was doing the "Ole" chant.
  • Rusev goes for a superplex, but Cena fights out and hits the leg drop for two.
  • For whatever reason, a "let's go Lana" chant starts.
  • Cena tries for another AA, but Rusev hits DAT KICK and tries to set up The Accolade, but Cena moves away.
  • After arguing with the ref, Rusev runs at Cena, who counters with a boot to the face followed by a tornado DDT.
  • Cena and Rusev start exchanging strikes, with Rusev taking advantage following a couple knees and an Alabamaslam for two.
  • Rusev tries for The Accolade again, but Cena reverses into a STF. During the hold, Lana throws her heel in for whatever reason. Rusev reaches the ropes and continues the attack on Cena.
  • Rusev goes to the top rope and delivers a huge diving headbutt for a two count. Rusev doesn't know what to do as the crowd cheers him on (you read that right).
  • Rusev tries to lock in The Accolade, but Cena keeps countering the attempt. As Cena is sent toward the rope, he springs off the rope and delivers a springboard stunner for a two count.
  • Moure counters, and Rusev finally gets The Accolade locked in. After a while, Cena gets to his feet and breaks The Accolade. Cena responds with the STF.
  • As Cena starts to reset the STF, Lana climbs on the apron to distract the ref. Cena approaches her with his back turned to Rusev. As Rusev runs toward him, Cena moves, causing Rusev to ram Lana. The distraction allows Cena to hit the AA for the win.

John Cena def Rusev (wins US Championship)


The Authority announces the attendance for WrestleMania: 76,976 people. She also says that The Authority is solely responsible for WWE's success.

Trips says that he beat the last person who was really against him. He feels so good that he could beat all 76,000 people in Levi's Stadium. He owns everything and everyone, and he's proud of it

The Authority always wins.


The Rock comes out to a thunderous ovation.

After a lot of cheers and chants, Rock corrects Trips. He doesn't own the crowd, and he damn sure doesn't own The Rock.

Rock does a cheap pop for the East Bay, then gives Trips two choices: Dress up as Terminator, or create a WrestleMania moment right now, referencing their long-time rivalry.

A staredown ensues before Trips addresses their rivalry, especially when Trips kicked Rock's ass for most of it. Therefore, there is nothing left to prove. Rock disses Trips, saying that he left his balls in Connecticut.

This causes Trips to take his jacket off and square off with Rock. Stephanie gets between them and makes fun of The Rock, saying that there would be no Rock without the McMahons. A "Shane-O-Mac" chant starts.

Rock retorts, saying that Steph wouldn't be in power without Vince McMahon's johnson. Steph responds with a thunderous slap, and starts taunting Rocky, saying that everything is hers. She orders The Rock out of her ring.

Rock exits the ring and starts pacing at ringside, then stops in front of Ronda Rousey., who jumps over the barricade. I'M MARKING OUT!!!

A "Ronda's gonna kill you" chant starts, and I can't even.

"...The Rock would never hit a woman, but I have a very good friend who would be happy to."

Steph pretty much starts begging for her life in front of Rousey and Rock, calling this the "squared circle" and "my ring".

Steph tells Rousey to "get the hell out of my ring"

Rousey takes the mic, and sums it up: "Any ring that I step in is mine. If you want me to leave, why don't you make me?"

Steph repeats her demand to Rousey, and Rock tells Steph that she's more-or-less screwed (the phrase "jump rope with your fallopian tubes" is used).

Trips warns Rock about saying stuff about his wife, and Rocky starts a-swinging on Trips, eventually throwing him toward Ronda, who judo throws that sucker.

As Trips rolls out of the ring, Steph confronts Rousey. Rousey doesn't like this much as she seizes Steph's arm. After a few seconds, Steph high-tails it out of the ring, and Rock closes the segment with his "IF YA SMEEEEEEELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK AND ROUSEY ARE COOKIN'!."


Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt

  • Wyatt comes out, and he is followed by scarecrows.
  • He's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. Undertaker comes out in a throwback with his hat, leather jacket, and biker-ish pants (think WrestleMania XX).
  • The two men lock eyes, and Bray tells Taker that everything is his. Bray runs at Taker, and it put down by a boot.
  • The bell rings, and Taker is thoroughly in control with strikes and shoulder thrusts.
  • Taker goes for and delivers some Old School to a huge reaction. A "you still got it chant" starts. Soon after, Bray puts Taker down with a clothesline. Another clothesline sends Taker outside, but the Deadman lands on his feet and continues the beatdown.
  • He hits his signature leg drop, and it looks like Taker never left.
  • Taker lines up for Snake Eyes, but Bray counters with his flying cross body...thing. Bray starts beating Taker down in the corner, then starts taunting him.
  • Bray keeps the heat on Taker with some intense strikes and holds, but the Deadman won't die.
  • Bray drags Taker to the steel ring post, exits the ring, then launches his body at Taker's head. Wyatt is limping after this move.
  • Bray make it in and approaches Taker's legs, sparking Taker to try for Hell's Gate, but Bray battles out of it. The ref starts to count, and both men struggle to their feet.
  • Taker makes it to his feet and goes for Bray, but Bray counters with the Black Hole Slam and senton for a two count.
  • Bray calls for Sister Abigail, but Taker counters it with a chokeslam. Taker then calls for the Tombstone, which he delivers for a two count. Taker is in disbelief.
  • Taker sits up and contemplates his next move. He calls for another Tombstone, but Bray delivers Sister Abigail for a VERY close two count. Bray is now in shock.
  • Both men are on their backs as the ref counts. Bray crabs up at 6, and Taker sits up, shocking Bray.
  • Taker tells Bray to bring it, and the two get into a slugfest with Bray getting the upper hand. Taker goes down, and Bray does the throat slash.
  • Bray goes for Sister Abigail, but Taker counters into a Tombstone for the win.

Undertaker def Bray Wyatt


Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

  • Roman Reigns enters first to a chorus of boos.
  • Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, enters to some good cheers. Paul Heyman personally announces him, and it is amazing.
  • The match starts, and Reigns rushes Lesnar, who picks Reigns up and hosses him into the corner. A German Suplex later, and Lesnar hits the first F5 of the night on Reigns, but doesn't cover him.
  • The domination begins after a fisherman's suplex...or does it. Roman blocks a German attempts and starts using strikes. However, this does nothing but irritate Lesnar, who Germans him anyway.
  • The camera focuses on Reigns, who seems to be enjoying this beating. Another suplex ensues.
  • The beatdown continues with more strikes and suplexes, and the crowd is enjoying this.
  • As Reigns gets back on the apron, Lesnar tries to shoulder thrust Reigns. However, Reigns catches him and starts beating the hell out of Lesnar. Lesnar shakes this off and clotheslines Reigns to hell.
  • Lesnar delivers a second F5, but Reigns is somehow able to kick out of it at two. Lesnar takes the gloves off now and slaps Roman across the face a few times.
  • More suplexes and a third F5...AND ROMAN KICKS OUT AGAIN (keep in mind: Undertaker was put down after three F5s).
  • Reigns and Lesnar are outside now. Lesnar tries to push Reigns into the post, but Reigns counters and pushes Lesnar into the post, busting him open.
  • Lesnar gets up in time to eat a couple Superman Punches. Reigns goes for a third, but Lesnar counters and tries for a suplex. Reigns dodges and hits a Superman Punch followed by not one but TWO spears. Lesnar kicks out at 2.5.
  • Reigns goes for another Superman Punch, but Lesnar catches him for a FOURTH F5. Both men are down...and Seth Rollins' music starts playing.
  • Seth Rollins cashes in his briefcase, making this triple threat. Reigns is pushed out of the ring, and Rollins hits a curb stomp on Lesnar. Rollins goes for a second curb stomb, but is caught by Lesnar for a F5. Reigns reenters and spears Lesnar.
  • This spear leaves Reigns vulnerable for a curb stomp, which Rollins hits for the shocking win.

Seth Rollins cashes in Money in the Bank and def Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Did not see that coming, but I am marking like a complete sociopath right now,.

Good night everyone.

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