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WrestleMania 31 match card preview: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Kickoff Show Battle Royal

The 2nd Annual Andre the Giant Memorial

Standing in the shadow of a giant (trophy), 20 wrestlers seek a piece of Wrestlemania (Pre-Show) glory.

(Partial) Tale of the Tape

Hideo Itami

Hails From: The land of Sony and giant robots

Notable Accomplishments: Protege of Kenta Kobashi, Numerous GHC Championships

Curtis Axel:

Hails From: A long line of wrestlers

Notable Accomplishments: #AxelMania


Hails From: Cleveburg

Notable Accomplishments: Main Evented WrestleMania somehow

Damien Mizdow

Hails From: Stunt Double Academy

Notable Accomplishments: Got a comedy gimmick over in WWE


Hails From: The American Dream

Notable Accomplishments: Still going strong at this age

Jack Swagger

Hails From: Oklahoma where the wind goes rushing down the plains

Notable Accomplishments: Hasn't injured anyone in a while

Zack Ryder

Hails From: Long Island

Notable Accomplishments: ..........

The Other Guys

Hails from: Who cares?

What's at Stake?

Based on history? A push that will be booked poorly.

Getting too excited for this one got even harder when it was bumped to the pre-show, but, hey, KENTA!



Stay tuned to this here website to find out who wins, and if it matters!

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