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Yes or No: Is Brock Lesnar leaving WrestleMania 31 with the title?

In celebration of WrestleMania, it's time to answer the hard questions with a simple yes or no.

With WrestleMania just around the corner, it's time to debate the most important questions leading up to WWE's biggest pay-per-view of the year! A -- hopefully tough -- question will be asked, and in the poll simply vote, Yes or No. In the comments, you're more than welcome to explain why you voted that way.

In regards to today's question, I'll get this party started.

Yes, but chances are slim, thanks to Lesnar possibly not returning (Update: he's back!) and WWE strapping a rocket to Reign's back. I'm hoping Lesnar decides to stay and WWE realizes they have a special talent that could realistically hold the title until WrestleMania 32. The way he's been booked, another year as champion is not that far-fetched. If the match delivers, maybe give Reigns another year of experience before getting his big rematch.

Your turn!

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