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Yes or No: Is John Cena winning the US title a good thing?

In celebration of WrestleMania, it's time to answer the hard questions with a simple yes or no.

With WrestleMania just around the corner, it's time to debate the most important questions leading up to WWE's biggest pay-per-view of the year! A -- hopefully tough -- question will be asked, and in the poll simply vote Yes or No. In the comments, you're more than welcome to explain why you voted that way.

In regards to today's question, I'll get this party started.

Yes, the booking for this title has been atrocious for the past, well... actually, it's always been atrocious! So instead, put it on someone of higher stature and suddenly it becomes important. Believe me, I'm just as tired as you when Cena gets the big win over an up-and-coming heel but this time around I'm just going to embrace it. Not only will it help the title, but the feud can continue with Rusev's rematch clause. Speaking of Rusev, once this feud is finished, he's more than ready to move up to contending for the Intercontinental title.

Your turn!

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