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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Favorite WrestleMania Pre-Match Promo

One thing that makes WrestleMania great is the awesome pre-match video packages. It should convey to the viewer, even one who's never watched a minute of the WWE, everything they need to know about why they're fighting. One such example is the above video that preceded the Daniel Bryan-Triple H classic from last year's WrestleMania.

So what's your favorite? To qualify for nomination, the promo package must have played either in the week leading up to that year's WrestleMania, on the show itself, or in official WWE media (on a WWE show or in a WWE game) after the match. Comment below in the nomination thread, and if you see your favorite, give it a rec. The 10 with the most votes at midnight ET Friday will make up your countdown.

Just so we all understand this, here's how to do it as an example.

In the subject line, write Nominate - Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania XXX) and in the comment box, provide a link like so: Promo. Or just put in the direct link in the comments like so:

Everybody get it? Good.


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