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Kevin Nash confirmed for WWE Hall of Fame, will be inducted under his own name has confirmed that Kevin Nash will be the presumably final member of a large 2015 Hall of Fame class.

His induction has been one of the worst kept secrets in the business for several months, and the only real piece of intrigue surrounding the news was what name would be on his "plaque". Would he be inducted as Kevin Nash, or would his induction follow the path laid out for his Kliq and nWo-mate, when Scott Hall was enshrined as Razor Ramon last Spring?

Nash told Rolling Stone that he himself lobbied to not go in as the Diesel character he played for WWE:

I would prefer to go in as Kevin Nash, you know, the human being.

Over the years, that human being has played a number of different characters, ranging from a wizard from the land of Oz to a bodyguard of few words. It was that latter gimmick where he saw the most success while working for Vince McMahon, both as a partner of Shawn Michaels and then on his own, when he won the WWE title after breaking off from the Heartbreak Kid in 1994.

Big Daddy Cool's biggest legacy in the business started with his exit from WWE. As a member of the Kliq, Nash took part in the infamous Curtain Call at Madison Square Garden with Hall, Michaels and Triple H on the eve of his and the Bad Guy's exodus to WCW. At the time, it was seen as an egregious breaking of kayfabe, and Hunter was famously punished for it.

Landing in WCW, it wasn't long before Nash and Hall would change the whole game, first as The Outsiders, and then with Hulk Hogan as the New World Order.

After that famous run and the demise of WCW, Nash made occasional appearances for WWE, including feuding with The Game for the World Heavyweight Championship and getting involved in CM Punk's story in the months following his Pipebomb promo.

Nash will join Randy Savage, Rikishi, The Bushwackers, Alundra Blayze, Larry Zbyszko, Tatsumi Fujinami and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the class of 2015. He will be inducted by HBK at the ceremony this Saturday, March 28th in San Jose, California.

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