What must happen on Raw - #Storylines&Investment

Hello again Cagesiders!

By now, most of us have put our "2 cents" out there concerning the upcoming Main Event at Wrestle Mania between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

I believe it's fair to say that the consensus has been deflected off whether or not Reigns is ready and the underlying issue continually comes back to WWE's inability to tell a storyline which intrigues us fans to invest into the match, which was extremely well discussed in these two Fanposts. (I highly recommend reading each including the comments)

Don't push the man, push the story by Sandow's Superior


Entertainment vs Investment by BlueandOrange4life

I know there have been a ton of other great Fanposts as well, such as the General's Love letter and more, but in my opinion these two hit the mark most for myself.

They both focused in on what seems to be the biggest problem, no storyline and fan investment.

So how do we fix it? In 1 week?

Honestly, I'm not sure they can completely, but they sure as hell can try and should.

In hopes that someone at WWE is out there trolling, I am offering up this fix/enhancement to the current no storyline problem.

This Monday on Raw, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are already hyped for a confrontation which was promoted by Paul Heyman in a backstage clip with Renee.

At some point early on in the show, have a clip with Dean & Roman somewhere in the back. Dean needs to ask Roman, not if he can, but why he's going through Brock Lesnar, knowing that afterwards the Authority is going to do everything to take the title and give it to Traitor Face?

Roman, looks at Dean, and simply says because I can.

Dean replies, brother I know that, but really, you want to deal with what comes next?

Roman, smiles at Dean, then says I've been waiting for that since the chair hit me in the back last year! What about you? You done caring about that?

Dean, smiles at Roman, No! Never! I told you, him, everyone, he's not cashing in while I'm alive!

Roman and Dean smile at each other shake hands and fade to black.

Later in the show during their "confrontation" Brock Lesnar F5's Reigns, but while leaving, or parading around the ring, Reigns recovers and spears him through the barricade "Ala Henry."

While Lesnar is down, cue music and Seth running out with the briefcase along with J&J and others from the Authority. As they work over Reigns in the ring and Lesnar outside the ring, preparing for what looks like a Cash in, cue music, here comes Ambrose (with props if you must), Reigns and Ambrose clear the ring, meanwhile Lesnar takes out a few outside and F5's Kane or Show through the announce table.

Brock looks up at Reigns in the ring while holding his ribs pointing saying Sunday! Reigns looking down just nodding and points at the Mania play button.

Now I'm interested, invested, and excited.

What say you Cagesiders? Would this get you invested?

Have a better fix? (Maybe a WWE troll will read the comments)

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