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WWE Creative's Reevaluation (2015)

They are WWE Creative and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the team that provides so much for us to talk about. Here's the full evaluation.

Today, you Cagesiders, have the floor, starting with what you loved:

Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman:

"Rusev’s booking is being done to perfection as of this post (could change post Mania). This is how you build a character and give him credibility as a main-eventer without strapping a rocket to his back."

Ham and Cheese:

"Creative gave Ziggler a rub at the end of 2014. They also started Cesaro off great with his WrestleMania Battle Royal Win and gave Bryan the moment. They have developed a solid heel with Seth Rollins, who continues to be the life of the WWE today."


"This is kind of loaded. We can blame creative for some issues maybe but when a handful of people namely Vince want rewrites sometimes on the fly and the same person can change ideas and stories on the fly and tell creative to make his vision work how much can be blamed on them? I went 3 only because they can only write what Vince wants and if Vince says push Cena to look like superman well they got families to feed too and Cena gets his superman push."


"I can’t think of anyone being booked stronger than Brock Lesnar over the Last year. He’s been booked like a demigod. Whoever beats him SHOULD get quite the rub."


"When they get it right, they hit it out of the park, like the Shield and then their breakup and most of the Rollins-Ambrose feud, Brock, DB’s WM run, Ziggler at SS"


What you loathed:

The Shockmaster:

"There’s the almost total marginalization of the Women’s Division, pigeonholing them as "Divas," and favoring the lowest of common denominators when crafting storylines that they only spend minutes on anyway."

Plan R:

"They have had Hornswoggle dress up as half the animal kingdom."


"I would like to say that upon seeing this post, I nearly choked on a Sweet Tart candy."

The Notorious Eddie Mac:

"The destruction of the Wyatts, the destruction of the Shield, the de-push of Daniel Bryan Danielson despite being the company’s most over star by a country mile, the destruction of anything not main event related. I blame you, Vince McMahon. I blame you."


"Main Roster’s dismissal of women except for Stephanie. The greatest collection of actual women wrestlers in company history. Not all of them, but Naomi, Natalya, Emma, Page, A.J...even the Bella’s the last 6 months. Instead they treat them like the cast of 'Mean Girls'."


"WWE Creative is kinda like an underachieving child – most of the time they just screw up and disappoint you, but every now and then they do something good, maybe not even that good but just okay, but the fact that they didn’t screw it up completely is such a surprise that you’re just happy and want to enjoy the moment, as you know it’s not gonna last and they’ll be back to screwing up by the next week."

Christian Baber:

"Unfortunately, WWE Creative missed too many opportunities last year. Losing CM Punk was a catastrophic error, and the final in a long line of poor decisions made regarding one of the most important talents the roster had seen since Stone Cold Steve Austin. They blew the return of Batista, in the kind of ham-fisted manner that has started to become a theme. John Cena buried the Wyatt Family, who really had the potential to become the ultimate monster heel faction; Bray Wyatt, in particular, is the kind of perfect heel talent that absolutely makes opposing babyfaces. Except, of course, when he’s inserted into a nuclear-hot feud right at the conclusion and ruins the payoff, then begins a pointless gimmick feud designed to build excitement for an awful PPV (TLC). Plus, little things like the ubiquity of Kane and Big Show, the New Day, the return of the Anonymous Raw GM, the use of guests like Larry the Cable Guy and Grumpy Cat and Florida Georgia Line, etc."


On to the poll! With 515 votes, WWE Creative's average score is 1.7. Last year they received a 2.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick is a former dancer.

Until then!

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