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Larry Zbyszko official for WWE Hall of Fame

As has been their pattern this year, WWE leaked and then confirmed the latest entry into the Hall of Fame over the last 24 hours.

Initial speculation was once again on Kevin Nash, but reports started to come out earlier this morning that Big Sexy's reveal would be held off for another week.  One of the names making the rounds this morning, The Living Legend Larry Zbysko, has now been announced on

The former AWA World Champion will likely be inducted by fellow Pittsburgher Bruno Sammartino.  During his time with the then WWWF, Zbysko was a protege and then a rival of the long-time champ.  before leaving for Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1980s.  He eventually landed in WCW, where he teamed with Arn Anderson to win their tag titles.

Zybsko eventually landed behind the announce desk, but made semi-regular returns to the ring to stand-up to villains like William Regal or stand with babyfaces like Bret Hart against the nWo.

The 63 year old will join Randy Savage, Rikishi, Alundra Blayze/Madusa, The Bushwhackers and Arnold Schwarzenegger in this year's class.  Expect a video package along with the formal announcement tonight on Raw.

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