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Anthony Pettis confirms CM Punk will walk him to the cage at UFC 185, but won't corner him

There have been reports floating around that former WWE star and budding mixed martial artist CM Punk would walk Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis to the cage for his upcoming fight against Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 185 this Saturday night in Dallas, Texas.

In the video above, Pettis confirms as much while making clear that that's the extent of what Punk is there for:

"Yes, he will be walking with me out to the cage. He's not going to corner me, obviously. He still has some stuff to learn. He offered to come out and I think having as many people out here as possible helps me feel comfortable, feel like I'm back at home. He's a very cool guy. He's so humble."

Pettis goes on to say that Punk is progressing nicely with how often he's in the gym training but there are still plenty of things to work on before he's ready to make that walk to the cage for his own fight. When he does, however, he will have already made it at least once, if only to get a feel for what it's like.

Be prepared and all that.

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