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NXT's Hideo Itami and Kevin Owens started a feud on Twitter, and it's better than anything you saw on Raw last night

A frequent complaint about the set-up for WrestleMania's Intercontinental title ladder match is that Creative hasn't provided a reason why these men - most of whom had never mentioned the white and gold belt before two weeks ago - are suddenly obsessed with it just because Dean Ambrose proved you can walk out of an arena with it whether or not the record books list you as the current IC king.

Down in Florida (or, this past weekendin Ohio), NXT has always made it clear that their championships are what every competitor on the roster is trying to achieve.  With that established, all you need to do is give two men a claim to a title, and let them fight it out.

Case in point, the following Twitter exchange between current men's champ Kevin Owens, and Hideo Itami.  Itami ended up with the belt in his hands at a live event, sent out a Tweet about it, and - voila! - you've got the basis for a feud.  That both men have established voices (Hideo as a slightly goofy guy who will battle to prove he belongs in WWE; Owens as a charming jerk who will bully anyone, anywhere, at any time) only adds to it:

Who didn't chuckle, at least a little bit?  Who doesn't want to see them fight?  When it happens, who will be confused about why it's happening?

These guys did it with social media, but the show sets up these kind of conflicts with one minute backstage segments all the time.

Now why can't the main roster do it with twenty minute promos on a three hour show?

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