Winners and Losers: Total Divas Season 3 Episode 18 "Model Behavior"


This is the "Winners and Losers" of the Total Divas episode "Model Behavior." Let’s get right to it.


-Rosa Mendes: She called Nattie to convince Paige not to get a tattoo. It shows she cared about Paige’s career and not wanting her to get fired by the WWE.

-Nikki Bella: Nikki came out well with giving Cameron advice before her family met Vinnie’s family. This was the only scene she had in this episode.

-Brie Bella: She had a funny moment with Daniel Bryan about using a home device where if a robber approached their house, there would be a "dog barking" sound. Only the "dogs", were Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella barking.

-Natalya: To see Nattie cry about her dad, was sad once again. But she wanted to eat with Tyson Kidd to talk. They reconciled and became a couple once again. It was a heartwarming moment, as Nattie deserved it. A funny moment was when she kind of said Big Show and Mark Henry aren’t attractive, when she told Tyson to take off his shirt since he doesn’t have a body like Big Show and Mark Henry.

She gave Tyson Kidd a chance at modeling since she wanted him to be happy and do what he wanted to do. I really respect that and it shows Nattie really wanted things with Tyson Kidd to work. She even allowed Tyson to do an underwear shoot with two other women. Nattie said the old Nattie would’ve "stopped the party", but the new Nattie doesn’t. It shows she is really trying to make this relationship work and back to full-strength.

Nattie was then called by Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes to convince Paige not to get a big tattoo on her chest. Nattie was talking to Paige about her career and if the tattoo was more important than WWE? Paige has always wanted the tattoo, but I think Nattie got Paige convinced that the tattoo wasn’t worth it.

-Cameron: Cameron was nervous to see her dad since he wasn’t really a big part of his life. It was a little sad to hear that she was a little shy or nervous at how her boyfriend, Vinnie, would react to her family. I get the nerves but the reasons she gave were sad to hear. It had to do with appearance, more than how they acted.

Cameron then decided to help her dad and get his teeth fixed. That was great to see. She also took her dad to buy a suit but he didn’t want one. This was all for the dinner with Vinnie’s family. She didn’t want Vinnie’s family to judge him. I understand that and I respect that because they would only judge him on not having teeth, when they should be judging him on his behavior and inner-self.

She did say that she was embarrassed about how he looked and that is why she wanted to get him teeth and a suit. But she then said she loved him. I can’t put her as a loser, can I? She is a winner.


-Alicia Fox: She talked to Mark Carrano about Paige behind her back. That wasn’t cool. It got Paige a little upset. But Alicia shouldn’t do that. She also called Nattie to tell Paige not to get a tattoo. But still, she talked to an important WWE figure behind Paige’s back, though it wasn’t a serious talk with Carrano.

- Natalya: You can also say she was a loser. She wanted Tyson Kidd to model and then felt uncomfortable with two females groping him. She is more of a winner, but she wanted Tyson to model so she shouldn’t complain or feel uncomfortable since she should know what may have happened.

-Paige: She wanted to get a tattoo of her mom, and WWE said no. It was good she asked. Her dad told her not to get a tattoo which Paige didn’t agree with. I agreed with her dad, she is already an attractive girl, she doesn’t need a tattoo.

Paige then went and turned on Mark Carrano and went to the tattoo parlor. Nattie talked to her about getting a tattoo and Nattie convinced her not to get a tattoo on her chest. However, she did get small tattoos on her thumbs. It’s better than a big tattoo on her chest. Again, she didn’t need that tattoo. But I wonder how Mark Carrano felt about the tattoos on her thumbs.


It looks intense!! Paige cries about a guy she met or her ex-boyfriend, I don’t know. It was on vacation. She says in the preview that this is why she doesn’t like being with guys. Then, the Bella family were arguing about a picture they put up or something. And who was arguing, obviously their brother. I’d say it looks to probably be the best episode of the season.

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