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Alberto El Patrón debuted on Lucha Underground last night (February 4, 2015)

One of the things I really dig about El Rey Network's Lucha Underground is that they never seem to waste a second of the hour (minus commercials) they get each week.

Last night provided the best example of this when, like a Marvel Cinematic Universe joint, the show reminded you not to click away until the credits were over.  Temple owner Dario Cueto, having a rough day with his title belt still ripped in half, a woman threatening to bring slaughter to his promotion and a mysterious growling thing locked up in the basement, tries to dismiss a knock on his office door.

But he recognizes the voice, answers the door and...

My name, is Alberto El Patron... but you already knew that...

LU's top notch social media team was of course all over it, in the best way possible.


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