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Kane's Reevaluation (2015)

His name is Kane and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former WWE Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Consistent - Another steady hand within the company, he's very much trusted by Vince McMahon when it comes to, well, anything!
  2. Corporate Kane - Admit it, it was funny seeing him wrestle in slacks the first few times. Through this gimmick he's been able to adapt to whatever was needed of him, masked Kane or not.
  3. Bryan Feud - Looking back it's obvious Kane was picked as a safe worker to see if Bryan's neck would hold up. Overall, their matches were not bad either.
  4. Bumps - One of the few monster heels to take big bumps on a consistent basis.
  5. Bunny - He dead. (Watch for the twitch at the end)

Best comment comes via Lordban:

"At 47, Kane remains one of the most reliable workers WWE has, and their company man, always willing to take one for the team. In 2014, Kane wrestled more than 130 matches, few of them shorter than 10-15 minutes."


What you loathed:

  1. Age - At 47, there is no shame in hanging up those boots for good...seriously, do it.
  2. In-Ring - Matches are really rough these days, especially when we pretty much know he's going to do the job every time at this point.
  3. Corporate Kane - Okay, maybe not all of you enjoy Kane in slacks.
  4. Role - In 2014, he was all over the place, main-eventer to jobber, mask or no mask, and like always, Kane just does whatever is asked of him.
  5. Main Event - I'll let the comment below take care of this one...

Best comment comes via phlash74:

"I get why he was Bryan’s first opponent after WrestleMania, but the fact that Kane main evented a PPV in a title match in two thousand and frapping fourteen is frightening. House show main event to send the fans home happy, great. RAW main event in a six man to beat down the babyfaces or put them over as necessary, fine. But Kane is far past the point where he should be remotely near the title scene or headlining a PPV. And even though it was this year, him being one of the final four in the Rumble was just as bad."

On to the poll! With 496 votes, Kane's average score is 2.8, last year he received a 4

Thanks, Cagesiders! We'll be back Sunday to recap with updated poll scores and the best comments of the week!

Until then!

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