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SWERVE! Vince Russo quits his own website

Earlier today, Vince Russo posed the following to his Facebook:


As of today I am no longer associated with the website, or brand, in any way, shape, or form. I will not be posting anything---blogs, videos, podcasts, from this point going forward. I am no way any longer associated with the site.

Please know, that if you renew your monthly membership, you will not be getting any content from Vince Russo from this day going forward. I also ask you to not buy any Vince Russo merchandise, as I no longer have access to the orders.

I will keep you all updated of my future endeavors here on my Facebook page.

As always I have been and still am very thankful for all your support.

I'll keep you posted.


There was a post at Pyro and Ballyhoo to accompany this, as indicated by this tweet:

However, the post at the site has been deleted, although you can read an archived version of it by clicking here.

The Wrestling Observer notes that the domain name is owned by someone using the alias "Dirty Diva" in the hometown of former WrestleZone writer Chris Cash, who Russo had been working with on the site. That leads to the obvious speculation that the two had some sort of disagreement and decided to part ways.

Seeing an opportunity to get his shots in, Jim Cornette took to Twitter:

There you have it.

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