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Samoa Joe welcomes another match with CM Punk in Ring of Honor

Shortly after news broke that Samoa Joe had re-signed with the promotion that made him a star in professional wrestling, Ring of Honor (ROH), the following exchange with former rival CM Punk took place on Twitter:

The last time the two met was all the way back in 2004 when they engaged in a feud that did wonders for ROH. The two moved on to WWE and TNA, respectively, and were both locked into contracts that would prevent ever revisiting their legendary feud.

Until now.

About the aforementioned exchange, Joe told the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show he welcomes another encounter:

"Time will tell and that's really up to him and obviously his obligations to UFC. I know he's training real hard for his upcoming fight but if he wants to throw down, if he wants to scrap, you can come over here and start off with me and see what's left when you go into the octagon."

As Joe mentions, Punk is currently signed with the UFC and is preparing for his MMA debut. That may or may not prevent him from working another wrestling match in the near future, but perhaps it's not out of line to think he could revisit the squared circle sometime down the road to give Joe a receipt.

Stay tuned.

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